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Review: Monster DNA Fit Earbuds


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Music and exercise go hand-in-hand. However, finding the right headphones for the job can be tricky. Do you pick earbuds, earphones, or some over-ear cans? Whichever you select, they have to be comfortable and reliable, all while delivering perfect sound. This is where the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds come into play.

These unbelievably comfortable earbuds are the perfect tool for keen athletes, walkers or those that want an immersive gaming or video experience. Thanks to their Active Noise Cancellation and aptX Lossless Audio, you receive studio-quality sound and no interruption from the outside world. Yet, if you want to be aware of your surroundings, the transparency mode keeps you alert to any dangers. 

What’s in the box of the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds?

  • I’m a sucker for good packaging. Consequently, I fell for the sexy and professional aesthetics. The slender box has a red and black livery as well as key selling points. Furthermore, the innards are well-packaged and it is mostly recyclable.
  • The Monster DNA Fit Earbuds come in a black or white finish. The simple but striking design is nice to look at and reassuringly snug when in use. Each earbud has a tactile MFB button to activate different modes and receive calls. Moreover, there is a volume rocker switch on the right-sided unit.
  • The QI-wireless charging case is stunning. Wrapped in black meshed material, it looks and feels great. Additionally, it is hard-wearing and scratch resistant.
  • A nylon USB-C cable is used to charge the QI-wireless charging case. This robust cable is strong and long enough for everyday use.
  • Spare silicone tips help to create the perfect fit. 
  • A quick start guide helps you to understand the fundamentals.

Technical aspects. 

Whenever I look at sports-specific earbuds, I demand excellent battery life, usability, and water resistance. On top of that, I desire incredible audio that delivers a meaty bass line and an excellent tonal range. Thankfully, the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds deliver this and much, much more. 

If you enjoy long runs and trouble-free charging, then look no further. The quick-charge QI-wireless charging case offers up to a 1-hour run time in as little as 15 minutes. Moreover, you’ll get 8+ hours off one charge as well as an additional 30+ hours from the charging case. Subsequently, you are reassured that your earbuds won’t run out of juice mid-training session.

I was amazed by the usability! Once you have charged the earbuds, they’ll connect to your device with ease. Furthermore, thanks to the tactile buttons, you can adjust the volume, activate the ANC or transparency modes, stop or skip a track, or take calls easily. Alongside this, it was simple to change the ear tips, and cleaning the device was a cinch.

Mind-blowing audio.

I have used some incredible earbuds; ACEFAST Crystal Earbuds T8, Seoul Earbuds, and Gravastar Sirius Pro Earbuds to name but a few. However, the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds blew my mind thanks to the ANC and transparency modes. Moreover, the aptX Lossless Audio is a game-changer. The technology adjusts the waves of each track to deliver perfect studio-quality audio. This ensures that there is a healthy range of tones as well as an incredibly punchy bass line. This was amazing when exercising, as you lost no quality, even when pounding the streets or trails.

On top of this, the ANC and transparency options are awesome. With ANC mode activated, you create an immersive scenario that blocks out surrounding noises. Thanks to the 6 in-built microphones, you can forget the outside world and enjoy whatever you are watching or listening to. 

Alternatively, you may wish to be aware of your surroundings. With transparency mode on, you let the outside in without compromising the sound quality. This was a phenomenal choice for anyone with kids or pets, or if you spend time exercising on or around busy roads. 

Build quality and Bluetooth. 

I don’t want to keep adjusting my headphones when exercising. Accordingly; the fitment has to be perfect as well as comfortable. Thanks to the “perfect fitting ear hooks” and the variety of silicone tips, you’ll get a snug fit every time. On top of this, the IPX5 waterproof rating enables you to wear these earbuds, come rain or shine.

The lightweight design is ideal for long-lasting sessions. Furthermore, the sharp design is stylish and futuristic. What’s more, a lack of RGB removes a garish edge that may discourage some users. The device is made from smooth, hardened plastic that feels nice against the skin. Additionally, the ear hooks are robust and the case is strong and pleasant to the eye.

Finally, the advanced Bluetooth technology ensures that the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds are easy to connect to. Moreover, the connection is strong and stable and ideal for a trouble-free experience. 

Are the Monster DNA Fit Earbuds worth it?

Retailing at $129.99, this device isn’t pocket change. However, the adage you pay for what you get has never been more correct. Thanks to the amazing build quality, awesome ANC and transparency mode, and incredible battery life, these earbuds won’t disappoint you. On top of this, they are great for wireless communication and can be used for Skype and Zoom calls. 

The build quality is one element to consider, but I adored the usability and comfort more. These snug earbuds are perfect for long training sessions. Moreover, the tactile buttons make it easy to skip songs, adjust your volume, or alter each mode on the fly. Consequently, they are amazing and I can easily recommend that you buy them here!

(More information on Monster can be found here!) 

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