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Review: Seoul earbuds


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Audiophiles are a tough group to please. They only want the best tech on offer, but they also want it at a great price. However, is this even possible? Well, Urbinista thinks so, as they’ve created the Seoul earbuds.

These striking and lightweight earbuds are comfortable, and hard-wearing, and come in a range of 4 colours. What’s more, they are excellent for gaming, have a phenomenal battery life, and deliver a nice range of tones and a meaty bass line. 

On top of this, you must consider the mid-range price point, the compact style, and how secure they feel in your ears. In short, these delightful earbuds pack a punch without breaking the bank. 

The Seoul earbuds look fantastic in purple.
Colourful and compact.

What’s in the box of the Seoul earbuds?

  • The colourful packaging matches the chosen livery of your accessory. As such, my purple box looked fantastic, compact, and eye-catching. Furthermore, the contents were protected and every element can be recycled.
  • The Seoul earbuds are housed in a wireless charging case. This handy device is secure, robust, and built to last. The earbuds are a nice size and look great when worn. What’s more, you can choose from black, blue, purple, and white.
  • Spare silicon tips. Every ear canal is different. Consequently, 3 ear tip sizes are available to ensure a snug fit. 
  • USB-C charging cable. Charge your wireless case with this standard USB cable.
  • User manual and warranty card. Get started with this quick guide. Alternatively, a full guide is available via the QR code. 

Technical aspects. 

Playtime8 hours
Total playtime32 hours
Noise-cancelling microphonesYes
DriversDynamic 10mm
Wireless chargingYes

When selecting a gaming audio accessory, there are vital features to be aware of. Latency, driver size, and microphone clarity are essential for the best experience. Fortunately, the Seoul earbuds deliver a market-leading performance across each category.

Thanks to its 70 ms low latency for mobile gaming tech, you are never left behind. Consequently, every gunshot, footstep, or door slamming is heard immediately. What’s more, this is essential if you wish to compete with the best.

Alongside the authentic experience, you’ll want rich tones and booming bass. Thanks to the dynamic 10mm drivers, you hear a comfortable and varied range of tones. Furthermore, there is no distortion or crackling at either the top or bottom of the range. This is a must-have whenever you game, listen to music or watch videos. Fortunately, the Seoul earbuds don’t let you down or disappoint whatever the occasion.

Whether it’s hands-free phone calls or a party chat with friends, you want crisp and clear comms. Luckily, you get that as well. Thanks to the noise-cancelling microphones, your recipients will hear your voice and no other background noise.

The charging case is an excellent way to keep your device charged.
The charging case is secure and well-built.

Versatile and easy to use. 

What I particularly love about the Seoul earbuds is their versatility and user-friendly approach. Not only are they perfect for gaming, but they work well if you love to exercise. Thanks to the IPX4 rating, they are both water and sweat-resistant. On top of this, they sit snuggly in your ears and there is no risk of them falling out.

The reassuring fit is one thing, but are they easy to use? Well, yes! The simple-to-understand touch controls and Bluetooth 5.2 ensure they connect to your device with ease. Furthermore, they perform every instruction without compromise. Moreover, you can switch between voice commands, music, and gaming mode at the touch of a button. This simple approach was incredible, as you can call your friends, adjust the settings, and pause music without ever touching your phone.

The Seoul earbuds are small but they pack a punch.
Small but powerful.

Are the Seoul earbuds worth it?

I may have loved these colourful earbuds, but are they worth the investment? In short, absolutely. Thanks to their incredible 32-hour battery life, excellent build quality, and rich tones, these are the perfect gaming earbuds. Furthermore, the Seoul earbuds are comfortable, hard-wearing, and easy to use. Alongside this, Urbanista has developed an app to enhance your experience further still. Subsequently, I adored them and recommend you buy them here!

(More information on Urbanista can be found here!) 

The Seoul earbuds have been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
Daniel Waite
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