GamingReview: Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

Review: Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon


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Considering Bayonetta 3’s mixed reception, PlatinumGames making a story-focused spin-off seemed odd. Fortunately, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a fantastic follow-up. Bayonetta Origins features a very emotional and heart-warming story, a beautiful art style, and unique gameplay that has the player controlling two characters simultaneously.

A Bond Between Demon and Witch

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon begins with Cereza training under her teacher Morgana to become an Umbran Witch. After failing to summon a demon from a place called Inferno, Morgana scolds Cereza and she runs off into Avalon forest in search of a power she was promised in a dream. Unfortunately for Cereza, she runs into Faeries; monsters that hold a lot of magical power. Even though she summons a demon to protect herself, it possesses her stuffed toy, Cheshire, and cannot be returned to Inferno. The new demon, now named Cheshire, is upset by the situation, but Cereza is confident that she will be able to send the demon home thanks to the promised power, so the two work together to return Cheshire home. In order to obtain the promised power they, must reach the forest center. To reach the forest center, the duo must destroy the elemental cores.

While seemingly basic, this story has a shocking amount of depth and emotional moments. The relationship between Cheshire and Cereza is very heartwarming. I felt tears forming at the game ending due to the duo’s friendship. While the premise might seem weak, it works well enough and even explains plot points of the previous entries. The story also has plenty of twists and turns that kept me excited to see what happened next. This narrative is phenomenal.

The Home of the Faeries, Avalon Forest

Avalon Forest, A Labyrinth of Puzzles

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon has the unique gameplay of controlling two characters at the same time. In spite of the fact that this may seem difficult, the game never expects the player to do anything too technical, so I don’t find it to negatively impact my enjoyment of the game. You can also enter hug mode, which has you only controlling Cereza, to make it easier to move around. The controller is split between the two, where the left-hand side controls Cereza’s actions and the right-hand side controls Cheshire’s actions. This led to some very interesting and fun puzzles. Furthermore, with each destroyed elemental core, Cheshire gains a new ability, allowing for more engaging and diverse puzzles. He can also use these abilities to find secrets that will improve the combat prowess of the duo. Due to this I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this Labyrinth and finding many secrets.

Keeping Cheshire away from that Rosemary that demons hate

Fighting with both Witch and Demon

As stated before, Bayonetta Origins has you controlling two characters at the same time, this includes the combat. In combat, Cereza is incapable of doing damage. However, she can hold enemies in place with her Thorn Bind ability and allow Cheshire to attack. Cheshire is the only one capable of doing damage, so it is up to him to defeat the faeries. If Cheshire takes too many hits, he will revert into hug mode, forcing Cereza to pick him up and charge his magic back up so he can fight again. If Cereza’s health reaches zero, it’s game over so you need to make sure you protect her with Cheshire. Some enemies will have an elemental shield in which you will need to attack with the correct element to damage.

Overall, the combat is very fun, with lots of depth to keep it from becoming stale. It also never felt annoying to control the two characters in such a chaotic environment. While I did at times get confused during the battles, it is very forgiving and never punishes you too hard for making such mistakes. As such I had a great time with the combat of Bayonetta Origins.

Working together to take down that pesky Faerie

The Vibrant Faerie Forrest

The gorgeous presentation of this game never fails to impress me. Bayonetta Origins features a storybook art style and it looks incredible. The game’s environments pop out with their vibrant colors and spectacular views. Furthermore, the characters and enemies look even better in this art style. In addition, the cutscenes are done beautifully and they fit the game’s aesthetic.

This game features an incredible voice cast. The game’s voice acting is spectacular and the narrator has a calm voice that never felt intrusive. The soundtrack of this game also deserves praise. It does an amazing job of making the areas feel alive as well as throwing in references to the previous games’ soundtracks in the series. It also features a beautiful Irish vocal track called “Le Chéile i bhForaois Sholas na Gealaí” or in English Together in the Moonlit Forest. Overall, the presentation of this game is a highlight and deserves the most praise out of the whole package. It is simply incredible.

The Beauty of Avalon Forest

A Fantastic Start to the Story of Bayonetta

Bayonetta Origins is a fantastic game with a beautiful art style, engaging puzzle gameplay, and an endearing story. In spite of the maze-like forest, the game does an excellent job of guiding you. Furthermore, the game has plenty of accessibility features for players who might struggle with the unique gameplay. Overall, Bayonetta Origins is an incredible game that is always a treat to play.


+ Beautiful art style
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ Engaging puzzles
+ Unique gameplay and combat
+ An emotional and heartwarming story

- Map and area can be tricky to backtrack through

Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch
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+ Beautiful art style <br/> + Amazing soundtrack <br/> + Engaging puzzles <br/> + Unique gameplay and combat <br/> + An emotional and heartwarming story <br/> <br/> - Map and area can be tricky to backtrack through <br/> <br/> Reviewed on: Nintendo SwitchReview: Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon