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Review: Type Folio keyboard

reMarkable 2 writing tablet.


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There are many tasks that require you to be stationary at an office. Fortunately, though, writing isn’t one of them. This fantastic pastime allows you to move as you wish as you let your thoughts flow. However, in the past, you have been limited to using pen and paper or tied to a laptop. This restrictive approach is counterproductive, and thankfully reMarkable has created a solution to overcome this problem. The reMarkable 2 writing tablet offers the best of both worlds as you enjoy a traditional writing method on a modern tablet. However, a lack of a keyboard held it back. Luckily, they have tackled this issue with the Type Folio keyboard.

This wonderful accessory not only revolutionises the way the reMarkable 2 tablet works, but it acts as a protective Folio case as well. Available in “Ink Black” or “Sepia Brown”, you can pick a case that matches your tastes. Now, this review won’t cover the ins and outs of the reMarkable 2 tablet, but click here if you wish to see my thoughts. Back to the Type Folio Keyboard, this exceptional and easy-to-use device is available for around £180. As such, the price point may put some of you off. Yet, I urge you to let me explain why this figure isn’t as eye-watering as you may think.

What’s in the box of the Type Folio keyboard?

  • reMarkable has created a professional and clean style. This is reinforced in the sumptuous packaging. The streamlined design is refined, stylish, and screams to be opened. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable and keeps the contents safe in transit.
  • The Type Folio keyboard looks similar to many other Folio cases. However, the rich colours, simple lettering and magnetic connection make it stand out from its peers. Moreover, the keyboard is hidden behind a secure backplate and this streamlines the design further, still. On top of this, there are no charging points, switches, or other bits of tech. Instead, a magnetic connection automatically recognises the keyboard for a user-friendly experience.
  • The quick start guide helps you with the fundamentals. However, if this isn’t enough, you can jump onto the reMarkable support page for further information.

Technical aspects.

Size and weight198 x 246 x 6.6 mm Approximately 453 g (.99 lb)
Key travel1.3 mm
Folio materialArtificial leather
ConnectionMagnetic accessory port (no charging, pairing, or cables)
Language supportEnglish – US, English – UK, German, Spanish, French, Nordic – SE/DK/NO/FI
OtherreMarkable 2 system language: English Note and file syncing between reMarkable tablet and our apps for MacOS, Windows 10, iOS, and Android

Many of us are used to typing on fully-formed keyboards. Consequently, when we decide to work on the move, any change to this setup can be distracting, uncomfortable, and off-putting. I know from personal experience that compact Bluetooth keyboards are a nightmare. I’ve tried to endure some of the best-reviewed products and have been disappointed multiple times. Fortunately, the Type Folio keyboard is different!

Boasting a generous 1.3mm of key travel, the keystrokes feel familiar to many market-leading accessories. What’s more, the keycaps are “full-sized”. Subsequently, you won’t need to adjust your touch typing habits and this will minimise typing errors.

reMarkable prides itself on its distraction-free working environment. This ethos is noted in the design features of this excellent device. Accordingly, it is formed as a TKL keyboard without RGB lighting, hidden macros, and unnecessary shortcuts. Therefore, when you use it to make notes, write emails, or tidy up documents, you can focus on the job at hand.

How easy is it to use?

The reMarkable Type Folio keyboard is unbelievably easy to use! I expected to waste hours of my time when this first arrived. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by its plug-and-play concept. Thanks to the magnetic connector, your paper tablet automatically syncs to the device. Now, word of warning, you must make sure your tablet is running the latest software. If this isn’t the case, you will not be able to use the keyboard. As such, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

As long as you follow the basic instructions, you will be using the keyboard in no time at all. Once the tablet is safely housed using the magnetic connectors, you are good to go. By using the conveniently placed tabs, you can slide your screen into 3 working positions. By doing this, you will expose the keyboard beneath the backplate and you can get to work.

Previously, the reMarkable tablet wouldn’t automatically change from landscape to portrait mode. However, once the tablet is connected, it identifies that the keyboard is present and magically flips the screen for you. This may seem minor, but the seamless transition makes working on this device an effortless experience.

Multiple input methods.

What makes this device truly special is its range of input methods. Alongside the incredible Type Folio keyboard, you can make notes using the reMarkable pen. Moreover, you can highlight a pdf, scrawl on documents, or use the screen-sharing facilities. These additional elements make the reMarkable tablet shine. What’s more, a lack of internet explorer or other would-be essential tools is a benefit.

Without these “normally-essential” programs, you can focus on the task at hand! No longer will you be distracted by unwelcome emails, jovial group messages, or Zoom meetings. Instead, once you are locked into your work, you can unleash your creative side.

Alongside the multiple input methods, you’ll enjoy reMarkable’s CANVAS display. This revolutionary design mimics the tactile feeling of paper while delivering an immediate output response. As such, the handwriting element has a traditional and familiar look to it. Additionally, the keystrokes appear on the display in a timely and comfortable manner. Accordingly, there is limited latency, and this helps with the flow of creative writing.

Is the Type Folio keyboard worth it?

With a hefty price tag, the elephant in the room is whether the Type Folio keyboard is worth it. Tech-savvy individuals will know how to make the most of their Apple, Samsung, or other branded tablets. Yet, they all have their downsides regarding battery, cost, and usability. The reMarkable 2 Tablet is an exceptional device on its own. However, when you combine it with its impressive keyboard, it truly excels.

I cannot find fault with its usability or build quality. On top of this, the plug-and-play concept ensures that technophobes can enjoy every element without concern. Moreover, the Folio case was exceptional as it protects your tablet and holds it securely thanks to the magnetic connection. Additionally, the full-sized keycaps and familiar keystroke travel enhance the experience further still. As such, though it has a noticeable price tag, I still believe that it is worth every penny. Therefore I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on reMarkable can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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