TechReview: ReMarkable 2

Review: ReMarkable 2

The paper tablet.


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Writing with a pen on paper is a way of life for many people. However, in this eco-friendly & technology-focused world, using oodles of paper is frowned upon. So, what is the answer? Do you use your phone to create a draft, or will you stick to your PC & laptop? Either way, this is likely to stifle your creative flow. So, what is the solution? ReMarkable 2, that’s what!

This beautifully slim writing tablet gives you the freedom to express your views while maintaining the feel of a pen on paper. It’s wonderfully advanced, offers a distraction-free experience, and is like nothing else I’ve tried before. Furthermore, it is stylish, lightweight, and has a battery life that puts the Duracell Bunny to shame. Moreover, from the moment I saw it, I knew it would be special. However, I just didn’t realise how special it would be.

What’s in the box?

As a reviewer, I was fortunate that the company behind ReMarkable 2 allowed me to test each product on offer. As such, I will highlight everything I received. Just be aware that many of the items are optional extras, and this is shown when you purchase your writing tablet.

  • Every object comes delivered in a crisp, striking, sturdy, and simple package. Furthermore, the goods are quality sealed, so you know everything is brand new. What’s more, there is an emphasis on recycling as all the packaging is paper or cardboard.
  • The ReMarkable 2 tablet comes pre-charged, but I recommend plugging it in before getting started. It is well-packaged and has a traditional but expensive look.
  • The USB C cable is made of a rubberised material and is of higher quality than most you receive with other pieces of technology. Moreover, it is long enough to be convenient and durable enough to survive multiple trips in your bag.
  • A straightforward and easy-to-understand user manual. This quick access guide explains the fundamentals of getting started. However, most of the start-up information is found on the tablet.

The Accessories.

  • The basic Folio case. This grey textile protective cover is a fantastic way to protect your device when out and about. What’s more, it has a handy pocket to store your marker pen.
  • The Leather Book Folio case. The next step up from the basic model comes in three colours. I was sent the brown leather case that enhances its book-like feel and the traditional look. It is also magnetised and secures the tablet with ease. I adored this premium finish, as it complements the style whilst also being functional.
  • Standard marker. This grey writing tool is magnetised and a great way to make the most out of your tablet. It has a specialised nib and is pressure and tilt sensitive.
  • Marker Plus. This is the premium option that is a must-have for keen hobbyists and professional writers. It comes in a distinct black colour, uses the same pressure and tilt sensitive technology as the standard marker, and is also magnetised. However, where it differs is the built-in eraser for ease of use. Simply flip the pen over and undo any mistakes you make.
  • Spare Nibs. Both markers come with spare nibs to ensure you maintain the best quality writing instruments. They are simple to change and long-lasting. Consequently, there are no concerns that you will need to replace these often.

ReMarkable 2: It’s more than just a writing tablet.

Whenever I’ve discussed ReMarkable 2 with friends and family, they universally don’t understand the concept. Many of them believe that an iPad, Samsung Tablet, or even a mobile phone can deliver the same quality. However, they are wrong! Yes, the aforementioned products offer a version of the technology, while giving reasonable results, yet they are a million miles from what ReMarkable 2 delivers.

Not only is it a phenomenal note-taking device, but it allows you to work with templates, compose letters and documents, and much more. Subsequently, you can transcribe handwriting to email, make notes on PDFs, and demonstrate your work to a live audience. Therefore, it offers an array of solutions rarely seen in one package. On top of this, it has an exceptional battery life, can be carried in a small bag, and is the thinnest tablet on the market.

Alongside its stylish looks, massive 3000 mAh battery, and multi-faceted approach, it’s also unbelievably stable. Thanks to its purposefully designed Linux-based operating system, it doesn’t complicate matters. Therefore, crashes and errors are few and far between. In fact, my device never faltered once. This was particularly impressive as I allowed my young children to draw, scribble, and write to their heart’s content. Consequently, what I found was that it never stuttered, not even once, and that is mighty impressive.

The ReMarkable 2 tablet transcribes my terrible handwriting with ease.
Excuse my terrible handwriting.

Don’t let technology distract you.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but let’s be honest, it is distracting. Emails pinging left, right, and centre or the Internet, just begging to be searched. Whatever it is, it will stifle your creativity. Luckily, though, ReMarkable 2 is different. It doesn’t have apps, browsers, or games. There are no distractions and it is bliss. Therefore, when you sit down and write, nothing will stand in your way.

This return to my writing roots was magical and something I’ve yearned for for years. However, I worried that the blend of technology and traditional elements would be cold and callous. Yet, I was wrong. The team behind the tablet wants this to be as authentic as possible, and this was achieved through the final aesthetics.

Unlike its peers, ReMarkable 2 doesn’t rely on a sharp and bright back-lit screen. No, instead it incorporates something called a CANVAS display. This second-generation technology gives the impression of a paper-like surface without harsh lighting. As a result, it’s much easier on the eye and can be used in strong sunlight.

Alongside the beautifully subtle display is a feeling of friction and resistance similar to writing on paper. What’s more, you hear the familiar scratching of your pen as words form. This was the piece de resistance and something that surprised me. Here I was writing on a tablet, yet it captures everything I love about being an old-school journalist.

Technical Specifications.

Size and weight187 x 246 x 4.7 mm Approximately 403.5 g (.88 lb)
Processor1.2 GHz dual core ARM
Storage and RAM1 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM 8 GB internal storage
Second-generation CANVAS display10.3” monochrome digital paper display (no colors) 1872 x 1404 resolution (226 DPI) Partially powered by E Ink Carta technology Multi-point capacitive touch
MarkerNo charging, setup, or pairing required Special high-friction pen tip Tilt detection 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
ConnectivityWi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz USB-C Accessory port
BatteryRechargeable (Li-ion) battery USB-C charging 3000 mAh
Operating systemCodex — A purposely designed Linux-based operating system for low-latency digital paper displays
Document supportPDF and ePUB
OtherMenu language: English only Note and file syncing between reMarkable tablet and reMarkable apps for MacOS, Windows 10, iOS, and Android

Are there any negatives?

As a piece of technology, I can’t fault the ReMarkable 2. It is a phenomenal writing tool that can be used as an eReader as well as an amazing business tool. Subsequently, it has many uses that make it stand out from its peers. Furthermore, it is easy to set up, undeniably simple to master, and delivers on what it promises.

However, there is one small drawback: Sadly, the accessibility to every feature is locked behind a subscription service called Connect. This monthly renewable option allows users to transcribe written words to text, perform the tablet to screen elements, and more. Sadly, many may see this as an unnecessary expense, but I didn’t. This premium subscription service offers unrivalled benefits that none of its peers can touch. What’s more, there are regular updates that ensure the device is running optimally.

The ReMarkable 2 tablet with its fabric Folio case.
The ReMarkable 2 tablet with its fabric Folio case.

Is ReMarkable 2 worth it?

I was blown away by everything I experienced with my ReMarkable 2 tablet. From the simple but stunning packaging to the secure, reliable, and easy to understand operating system, this was a winner. Alongside this, the transcribing from handwriting to typed word was unlike anything I’ve experienced. The accuracy is just phenomenal, and this amazed me. Yes, it takes a little getting used to, and it highlights any lazy habits you have picked up. However, once you understand your flaws and its quirks, it’s incredible.

On top of this, the Marker Pens are responsive, wonderfully comfortable, and considerably weighty. They feel fantastic to hold and pick up every detail you make. What’s more, you are free to select from an array of digital tools. Whether it is a ballpoint pen, highlighter, pencil, calligraphy pen, or more, there is a vast choice. Furthermore, you can alter the colour, thickness, and so forth. This was a simple thing that ensures every element is user-friendly.

Everything considered, I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. This tablet oozes quality and style from every pore and is worth every penny. It is fair to say there are always challengers to the throne, but ReMarkable 2 can’t be touched. I loved everything about it and I recommend you to buy it here! Don’t let technology shackle your thoughts. Return to a simpler way of writing and experience what it means to combine technology with good old fashioned paper.


Finding a device that is as fantastic as ReMarkable 2 is rare. Subsequently, this exceptional tablet is quality personified and a must-have item. I adored everything it offered, even if it showed up my writing faults. Cut out the noise and distraction and allow yourself time to think.

(More information on ReMarkable 2 can be found here!)

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