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How has FIFA become one of the most popular console games?


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The concept behind the FIFA game began all the way back in 1993, championed by Electronic Arts. It gained its licence from Fédération Internationale de Football Association that year. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed! 

So what made this game an international success and a staple in everyone’s console game collection? 

It reflects real-life games 

The FIFA console games authentically imitate actual football games. This is something that players love, and it’s one of the main reasons the game has gone from strength to strength. 

Players can play the teams they care about, with incredibly accurate depictions of actual players. In the latest version of the game, FIFA 23, you can choose from over 19,000 players from more than 700 teams in more than 30 leagues. And the graphics seem to become more detailed with each new game that EA releases. 

As far as English leagues go, you can play as teams from the Premier League and Women’s Super League. Premier League teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester United are popular choices within the game. 

Players can build their own teams by choosing football players based on their individual performance statistics too, which encourages strategic thinking. As a player, you are allocated a certain number of coins and can use these to purchase players, just as in real life.  

You can take your pick of over 100 stadiums, each based on real venues. The incredible level of detail extends beyond the game to the onlooking crowds; they are comprised of individuals with unique faces and body types.  

They update the game annually 

The creators of the game keep things fresh by introducing new rules and features every time a new version comes out. This prevents the game from getting stale and keeps players feeling excited about gameplay. 

For example, in the latest iteration, FIFA 23 introduced a new dribbling technique called “technical dribbling”. This adds new animations, gives seasoned FIFA players a new skill to learn and makes dribbling a lot more realistic. 

Football is already a popular sport 

Football itself happens to be the most followed sport in the world, so EA’s FIFA game has been able to springboard from this popularity.  

The FIFA console game itself has always positioned itself as a global game, representing football leagues, teams and players from all around the globe. This makes the game’s market astronomical, and this has helped to secure its success over the past thirty years. 

It appeals to all ages 

Another strength of the FIFA console games is their appeal to all different age groups.  

Though we often associate video games with teens and young adults, the FIFA console games tap into an interest that is shared by fans of all ages: football. This gives it a timeless appeal that makes it marketable to players both young and old.  It’s no coincidence that FIFA has risen to prominence as one of the most popular video games. Constant updates and strikingly realistic graphics help ensure the game never goes out of fashion! 

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