ReviewsReview: VOLTME 100W GaN charger

Review: VOLTME 100W GaN charger


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I’ve recently looked at the VOLTME 140W GaN charger, and I was thoroughly impressed. It has an amazing build quality and it can fast-charge multiple devices. However, I was conscious of its price tag. Consequently, when I was offered the VOLTME 100W GaN charger I couldn’t resist. On paper, this excellent device does a similar job to its beefier cousin. Yet, this compact powerhouse is available at a fraction of the cost. At around £70, this device offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Alongside the excellent price point, you experience the same phenomenal build quality and usability. Furthermore, it allows you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. However, you must provide your own USB charging cables and a further caveat is mentioned. The user guide highlights that a USB-C 5A E-marker cable must be used if you want the maximum 100W output. Fortunately, though, this isn’t an issue, as these cables are easy to buy. Alternatively, many high-end devices, such as the Samsung S22 series, provide them as standard.

What’s in the box of the VOLTME 100W GaN charger?

  • The simple packaging is adorned with key selling points. What’s more, the muted tones are juxtaposed with bright accents. Furthermore, the fully recyclable packaging was a huge plus point. 
  • The VOLTME 100W GaN charger is compact but heavy. The black plastic casing has a tactile dimpled effect and is well constructed. To the front, there is an LED to show when it is on and 3 USB points. The lower 2 are designed for USB-C cables and the top one is for USB-A. Consequently, the USB-C ports are higher rated and deliver the optimum charging rate.
  • A simple user manual. This guide highlights how to use the charger. Moreover, it states the charging power when multiple devices are connected (more on that later). 

Technical aspects.

Whenever you consider a multi-charge adapter, you must consider a few points. First, you must know it is safe to use. Second, how long will it take to charge my goods? Finally, is it robust and portable? Bear with me while I break down each of these points for you. 

Fast charging often creates a lot of residual heat. Subsequently, this can cause concern and potential fire risks. Fortunately, VOLTME has considered this problem. By incorporating GaN III technology, the VOLTME 100W GaN charger has some incredible safety features. Accordingly, at no point do you fear that your devices will overheat, overcharge, or short circuit. This approach was undeniably reassuring and one that I appreciated.

Alongside this, I was amazed by how quickly this charged my devices. The list of compatible tech is impressive. In short, if it charges via a USB, it more than likely can be used with this charger. However, specifically, it will charge a MacBook Pro in under 2 hours. Remember, though, this figure applies to a premium setup. As such, if you were charging 2 items at once, the performance was understandably reduced.

Finally, let’s consider the build quality. The VOLTME 100W GaN charger is rugged, robust, and small enough to be considered portable. Furthermore, it has a sizeable weight, and each port is sturdy and well-placed. Moreover, the handy LED indicator makes it easy to see when it is powered. On top of this, it is much smaller than the VOLTME 140W GaN charger, and that helps if you have a smaller workspace.

Is the VOLTME 100W GaN charger worth it?

As much as I adored this excellent charger, is it worth your money? Well, absolutely! This amazing bit of tech will transform the way you charge your devices. What’s more, the high-powered ports ensure that you’re juiced up in no time at all. Alongside this, it is compatible with multiple brands and is easy to use. Accordingly, if you need no more than 100W of charging power, then I recommend that you buy it here! (US customers can buy it here!) Alternatively, if you want a bit more oomph, buy the VOLTME 140W GaN charger here!

(More information on VOLTME can be found here!) 

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