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11 Best Content Creation Tools Small Business Should Have In Its Arsenal


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For content creators, a good content creation tool is like Spider-Man’s web-shooters or Captain America’s shield. Can you perform without it? Maybe. But does it make you a workplace hero? Most absolutely! Every excellent content marketer has a secret weapon armory that allows them to execute their work quicker, better, or more creatively. Without the correct digital content creation tools and mobile apps, content marketing may be time-consuming, exhausting, and even unproductive.

What Content Production Tools Will Make You a Superhero?

Have you ever gazed at a blank document, unsure where to begin? Have you ever spent hours on a blog post or producing a video only to have it fail miserably? Every content producer has been there, but the correct tools might help you eliminate obstacles like writer’s block and unsuccessful postings in the future. If your in-handy software arsenal is looking a little feeble, you’re at the perfect spot! In this post, we’ll go through the best content production tools to help you with every step of the process.

Content Ideation Tools

Every excellent piece of content begins with a fantastic concept. It will feel nearly impossible to write or generate interesting content if you are trying to come up with original ideas. The content ideation tools listed below may help you overhaul your content research and generate content ideas that are topical, intriguing, and relevant to your target audience.

Google Trends

See how various topics have trended in Google searches over time using this content ideation tool. All you have to do is to type in a term to track interest in it over the years. A search for “fidget spinner,” for example, returns a large surge on modern smartphones in May 2017, when the item became popular.


BuzzSumo is a sophisticated topic research tool that can accomplish a lot of various things for you. Use it for content research, content discovery, finding influencers, and monitoring what’s going on online. Some Companies may also use this tool for validating your content strategy to verify it is in line with what is presently resonating and trending.

Some Other Alternatives

Looking for some other cool content research and planning utilities? Here are some of the options from Windows Store to consider: 

  • Product Hunt – for discovering new products;
  • Reddit – for defining thought-provoking questions;
  • Trends by The Hustle – for hunting for current market trends;
  • Ahrefs – for keyword research.

Video Content Production Tools

Video content is a must for small business marketing. Recent studies show that the audience is engaged more with a short video than a lengthy text. No matter what your small business specializes in, video content is a king. Nowadays, you do not need to have any special skills or expertise to create quality and engaging videos. Instead, you can use special programs – they aid in the production of multimedia content.

Movavi Video Editor

Editor from Movavi is a straightforward video editing and production application that lets you trim, add music, utilize a green screen, apply different effects, and more – in a word, it’s an awesome clip and video trailer maker. If you’re engaged in sketches or entertaining video production, this platform is just perfect for you.


The best thing about using HitFilm for video production is that it’s easy to use yet generates professional-level videos. The video editing platform provides direct access to stock photographs and music, which speeds up the editing process. You’ll also have access to a large visual effects library to kick things up a notch.


GIFs are dynamic, amusing, and extremely brief video clips that are an excellent way to capture attention and engage your audience. GIPHY allows you to browse an existing GIF library or make your own from a YouTube video or footage you captured yourself. The GIF maker provides you with a ton of editing options, and the opportunity to embed your GIF online via GIPHY or download the source file to submit elsewhere.

Tools for Scheduling and Planning

It is way easier and faster to share your newly created content with special scheduling and planning programs. Why? It allows you to stay on track, develop effective content calendars, and go live with your content just when your audience is waiting for it. 


Plan and manage your social media calendar using Buffer. The SMM planner is a service that helps you publish content, measure interaction, and analyze data in one simple platform.


If you have an editorial schedule you need to maintain for your social media marketing strategy, Trello makes it straightforward. Put the information you need for each blog post (such as the title, description, URL, and photos) on a card and date it. In the calendar view of the list-making application, you can see your publication schedule.

Google Calendar and Google Sheets

There isn’t much that Google Calendar and Google Sheets can’t accomplish. Both are useful for planning out what content you want to post, tracking what had been rolled out, and keeping track of crucial details about each piece of content.

Tools for Creating Visual Content and Design

Lengthy and text heavy content will hardly work for your audience or bring high user interactions. Content marketers recommend using visual elements in your digital content. With free pictures and easy tools, you may quickly and easily create graphics.


Canva is an excellent pics m aker for creating rapid graphics. It’s so easy to use that final items frequently appear like they came from a professional designer, even though you can actually whip something together in five minutes with little to no expertise. It’s especially useful for social media postings because the appropriate proportions for each social site (for example, Instagram) are already laid out for you. You can accomplish a ton with Canva’s free edition, but its Pro version unlocks premium options like the ability to upload custom fonts or to use premium shapes and photos.


Burst features a database of free pictures with commercial use permissions whether you require images for blog entries, social media postings, or videos.


Another image-sourcing service, what distinguishes Unsplash is that creators from all around the world post their photographs to the site. Choose from a variety of free, unique photographs with commercial licenses for your content.

What Motivates Marketers to Hunt for Content Production Tools?

According to the New York Times Social Sharing Report, 84% of individuals share a piece of content to spread the word about a cause or company they care about. That is, people are interested in content published by businesses as long as it piques their interest and directly represents your brand’s values and feel. And you can always achieve this goal and produce quality content when you have special and in-handy tools in your digital bag.

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