NewsWhat are the capabilities of modern smartphones?

What are the capabilities of modern smartphones?


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Advancement in technology has changed mobile phone capabilities. Within a short time, we have moved from a position where we could have only used our phones to make calls and send text messages. With a mobile phone, there are loads of activities that you can perform in the comfort of your house. Talk of making payments, video calls, and playing mobile casinos Canada among other activities. We are spoilt for a choice when it comes to the capabilities of modern smartphones. As Michelle H. Thomas, casino expert points out, nowadays, players do not have to visit a physical platform to engage in their favorite casino games. At the comfort of their houses, they have at their disposal a variety of games including slots, blackjack, online poker, and roulette among others. And this is just a fraction of the capabilities of modern smartphones. Apart from the online casino on a smartphone, let’s examine what else you can do with your mobile device.

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For beginners let’s start with understanding what a smartphone is. This is a cellular device that has among other features an inbuilt computer including other components that are not originally associated with phones. These include:

  • The web browsers
  • Operating system
  • And the ability to run apps

Connecting to the internet

Among the smartphone’s features is its capability to connect to the internet. This is where it derives its name. Modern smartphones are internet enabled and when incorporated with other technologies, you can use them for almost anything. You will be walking with a computer in your hands. Where you can perform most of the functions that can be done on a desktop or laptop.

Web browsing

Accessing websites is now easy. With a smartphone and some data bundles, you can view anything on the internet. This makes your smartphone a walking office. With this capability, you can send emails, do online transactions, and engage in games including casinos among others. Gone are the days when you have to use your laptop or desktop to browse the internet. 

Social media

As part of the internet platform, social media have become popular. These are means through which businesses and individuals interact on real-time bases. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube, and LinkedIn among others, you can chat, get news, and engage in online selling and buying among other activities. 

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The number of people and businesses using social media for interactions and business has been growing steadily. Initially, people were using their laptops and desktops to access social media. But with the growth of apps and mobile-optimized websites, almost all access to these platforms is through smartphones. Using our smartphones, we can interact through social media, send texts, and videos, and even makes voice calls, we can even use different types of apps, such as TikTok.

Tracking health

People have become health conscious and smartphones are at the center of everything. Using a variety of health apps, people are keeping track of what they eat, their activity levels, and their body vitals such as temperature, and blood pressure among others. 

With the use of third-party wearable devices, one can connect with a smartphone and monitor vital body statistics. Using these platforms, they are also getting health information enabling them to live healthily. Although they are not a substitute for health checks that are conducted in a hospital, the use of these devices can give you a clue on when you need to seek medical attention.

Making online payment

There was a time when online payment was online restricted to a few platforms such as Visa and MasterCard among others. Nowadays, with your phone, you are carrying your whole bank. You can withdraw, deposit, send and receive money right in the comfort of your office or house. People are getting their smartphones connected with their bank accounts allowing them to carry out a load of activities. With a smartphone, there are no cases of late payment due to failure to get into the bank on time. 

At any time of the day or night, you can have a transaction completed at your convenience. Smartphones have been hailed for increasing financial inclusivity, there is a significant proportion that could not access banks, but now with a phone, they can get all the services that they need. All one requires is a subscription to a mobile-based payment platform.


There are a lot of pass time activities that one can engage in using a smartphone. With this internet-enabled gadget, you can play video games and even casino games. All that you have to do is access a site that is offering these entertainment options and your day or night is sorted.

It is hard to imagine how life would be without a smartphone. It has become almost part of our lives. We are almost addicted. With technological advancement, the capabilities of a modern smartphone will continue to increase. It is hard to imagine what a future smartphone will look like but one thing that can be easy to predict is that it will greatly enhance our lives.

You can also use phone reverse lookup on your smartphone, this feature will make life easier for you in unpredictable situations.

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