NewsNews: Clckr case and grip

News: Clckr case and grip


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Christmas is just around the corner, so new Apple and Samsung mobile devices are on the horizon. Now, this unboxing of a new phone is exciting but also an anxious time. Why? Well, no one wants their sparkling new phone to get damaged. Therefore, what is the solution? Well, why not protect it with a simple case that also doubles up as a grip? Accordingly, the Clckr case and grip accessory is their latest product made for Apple and Samsung mobile devices. 

The case is affordable and comes in a range of styles and colours. Furthermore, it is robust, looks sleek, professional and simple, and is comfortable to hold. What’s more, the pop-out grip isn’t too small, and it is reassuringly sturdy when used as a stand. Alongside this, the phone can be viewed in a conference call mode, landscape, and portrait positions.

It is simple to watch your favourite programmes.

Key features. 

  • Clickable into portrait and landscape stand mode for easy viewing. 
  • Easy one-hand usage for screen optimisation.
  • Slim & protective, with a Saffiano style, cross-hatch effect exterior. 
  • Drop tested from up to 2m/6.6 ft. 
  • Wireless charging compatible (Excludes MagSafe Accessories). 
  • Antimicrobial Protection kills up to 99.99% of germs.
Choose lilac or black.

The Clckr case and grip is the perfect option.

Though there are many cases to choose from, you don’t want to pick the wrong option. If you are after a rugged, stylish, and versatile choice, then look no further than the Clckr case and grip solution. This excellent device is reassuringly strong while retaining your phone’s sleek look. Furthermore, the useful grip ensures the risk of dropping your precious device is kept to a minimum.

Alongside this, the excellent stand improves your entertainment experience. Consequently, this is a great device that won’t break the bank, while reducing the chance of you breaking your phone. If this news interests you, why not look at the accessory here?

(More information on Clckr can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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