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A Short Guide for Driving in Ibiza


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Driving in unknown terrain is a big responsibility. You should focus only on the road and not worry about whether you are accidentally breaking a rule. To make sure you are aware, remember these rules for Ibiza driving:

  • • You as a driver and passengers of the rental car in Ibiza must use seat belts.
  • • Children under 14 years old may only ride in the back seat of the car, and children under 12 years old and up to 135 cm tall may only ride in a car seat.
  • • If you are interested in a scooter rental in Ibiza, both you and the passenger must ride in a safety helmet.
  • • Use a Warning triangle and Reflective jackets when you get out of the car to the side of the road.

Basic driving rules in Ibiza

It is necessary to understand the driving rules on the roads of Ibiza. If you are approaching an intersection, give way to cars that are moving on the right. Also on a roundabout, those cars that are already on the traffic circle have priority over those approaching the traffic circle. You must let emergency vehicles and vehicles on the rails pass, and if you are driving on a secondary road, let those on the main road pass.

Overtaking is common for driving in Ibiza, but there are exceptions. If you are driving on a populated road or traffic is very heavy, do not overtake the car in front.  Take care of your safety.

Speed limits & fines

The driving rules in Ibiza with the maximum allowed speed are similar to other countries: it is mostly 90 km/h on the highways and 50 km/h in built-up areas. If you exceed the speed limit, you will have to pay a fine of 100 to 500 euros, and if you exceed the allowable speed of 60 km/h, you can be deprived of a driver’s license for 4 years. Drivers are advised to pay their fines at once because there is a 50% discount on the amount of the fine during the first 20 days.


Speed cameras

Do not hope that your speeding will not be noticed.  There are cameras at every step on the island, recording your speed and informing your car hiring service in Ibiza about the offenses.


During the peak season, parking in Ibiza becomes a big problem. Free parking in Ibiza is very difficult to find, but there is blue zone parking on the island – you can leave your car in the overground parking in Ibiza town and pay a certain number of hours at a parking meter. Usually, an hour of staying there costs 2-3 euros.


Petrol stations

On this island there are no problems with fuel: at every gas station, you can find gasoline 95 and 98 brands, as well as diesel fuel. The only drawback is the price of gasoline. Over the past two months, fuel prices in Spain have increased, reaching an average value of 1.78 Euro. And in Ibiza, fuel prices are even higher than in mainland Spain: 1.9-2.1 Euro.

Toll roads

When you rent a car in Ibiza, ask the rental service where you can pay to drive on the roads of the island near you.  Most highways on the island have the prefix “AP”. It means that they are toll roads (“autopistas de peaje”). You have a chance to choose the free route to your destination as an alternative but be prepared for a lot of traffic. But if you have enough time and want to save money, use the free autovías that have the prefix A to enjoy Ibiza driving.


Insurance, at least third-party insurance, is necessary to rent a vehicle in Ibiza. It should reimburse all damages and costs for damage to the auto if you are driving at the time. If you rent a car on the island without insurance, you will be forced to pay a fine of up to 3000 euros or may even be imprisoned

4 main prohibitions on the Ibiza road

  • • You may not drink alcohol before driving a car (the maximum rate of alcohol in the blood is 0.05%, and if you have less than 2 years of experience, your maximum rate is 0.03%).
  • • You are not allowed to use your phone while driving (if you don’t want to pay a fine).
  • • You may not use horns in cities or villages  (use flashing lights as a warning).
  • • It is forbidden to use safety camera warning in Spain (or you will pay fines of up to 6000 euros)
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