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Review: GXT 433k Pylo


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I’ve been fortunate enough to cover both the GXT 411 Radius and the GXT 488 Forze headphones. To add to this list, Trust has entrusted me with another one of their range. Today, we will look at the GXT 433k Pylo headphones in black camouflage. These mid-range headphones deliver rich audio and crystal-clear communication. Moreover, the over-ear cups are comfortable, and large, and stay cool during long sessions.

Alongside this, Trust includes a PC adapter to ensure that the device is multifunctional. As such, I appreciated its versatility and its style. With an adjustable headband and inline volume control, this is a straightforward and comfortable accessory to use.

The camo design makes the GXT 433k Pylo headset hard to see.
The GXT 433k Pylo headset

What’s in the box of the GXT 433k Pylo?

  • The large and attractive box is adorned with interesting images and key information. Furthermore, it is sturdy and protects the contents within. Disappointingly, Trust has used plastic for its inner sleeve and this impacts your ability to recycle.
  • The GXT 433k Pylo is fantastic to look at. The camo version mixes grey tones to present an attractive camouflage finish. The swivel microphone is easy to move and is chunky and robust. What’s more, the gold-plated 3.5mm in-built braided cable has an inline volume dial for ultimate control.
  • PC audio adapter. If you play across multiple platforms, this adapter ensures your headphones can still be used. With gold plating to each connection, you reduce interference and unnecessary crackling.

Technical aspects.

CableInbuilt braided
ConnectionWired 3.5mm jack
Noise reductionNo

Unlike the GXT 411 Radius, I expected much more from this mid-range headset. As such, I was concerned about the comfort, the sound quality, and the ease of use. Moreover, the microphone has to be clear, and the volume dial had to be spot on. Fortunately, the GXT 433k Pylo ticks all of these boxes. Sadly, though, it doesn’t have all the high-end tech of the major brands, and this may disappoint some gamers. However, I wasn’t too worried, as it performed admirably for the price.

Thanks to the 50mm drivers, the audio has a nice range with rich and powerful bass. Accordingly, they are both immersive and enjoyable to use. This is then complemented nicely by the volume dial. It was pleasant to alter the volume of your headphones without having to fiddle with the over-ear cups or PC/console settings.

Alongside this, the swivel microphone is chunky, easy to move, and delivers excellent voice pickup. This was surprising for such a cost-effective accessory, as I didn’t expect it to perform so well. Furthermore, a lack of flip-to-mute functionality makes you use the inline mute button if you want privacy when playing online.

Finally, the GXT 433k Pylo headphones look amazing and are extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks to their memory foam over-ear cups and adjustable headband, they feel great on your head. What’s more, they rarely get too hot, and the larger cup size sits nicely around your ears.

The PC adapter ensures the GXT 433k Pylo headphones are vesatile.
Inline controller and the PC adapter.

Are the GXT 433k Pylo headphones worth it?

There are plenty of great mid-range headphones on offer. I have looked at the Turtle Beach Recon 500 headphones and I loved them. However, the GXT 433k Pylo are equally good and I was just as impressed. Side by side, I think the Recon 500s are slightly better, but I am talking about a marginal amount.

If you are looking for an attractive and functional headset that doesn’t break the bank, then these headphones will tick a lot of boxes. I’d be happy to use them regularly, even though they are missing some key high-end technology such as noise cancellation or surround sound. However, this shouldn’t detract from what is otherwise a great mid-range headset. Consequently, I recommend you buy them here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!)

The GXT 433k Pylo headphones have been awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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