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Review: GXT 411 Radius


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As a parent, it can be tough to buy the right gaming accessories. You don’t want to invest too much money, as you know they are bound to break them, eventually. However, you want the best experience that you can get, and sometimes you must compromise to achieve this. Thankfully, the Trust GXT 411 Radius does a fine job of delivering solid sound, crisp communication, and relative comfort.

On top of this, it is a multi-platform headset and which makes it versatile and fantastic value for money. Alongside this, it comes in a choice of colours, has an inline controller, and an adjustable headband. You must also consider the small but comfortable over-ear cups, and the precise audio delivered by the 40mm drivers. In short, this won’t compete with the big boys, but it is a great entry-level device for younger gamers or those that want a spare set of headphones.

What’s in the box of the GXT 411 Radius?

  • The lightweight box is sturdy but compact. It highlights the key selling points and has some product images. Furthermore, its sultry colours give it a professional edge.
  • The GXT 411 Radius headphones. These small headphones come in a choice of colours and have smaller over-ear cups than many of their peers. What’s more, there is a built-in wire with inline volume control and a swivel microphone.
  • PC audio adapters. The main cable is a 3.5mm jack and Trust has included a splitter cable for the pink and green ports for PC. As such, this ensures that you can use the device across multiple platforms.
  • Warranty card. A document that highlights warranty information.

Technical aspects.

Noise reductionNo
Remote controlInline
Controls on deviceNo
ConnectionWired 3.5mm
Cable1m braided
Sound reproductionStereo
Driver size40mm

Different price points demand a unique point of view. Accordingly, I do not expect the GXT 411 Radius headphones to have market-leading technology, nor am I expecting booming and mind-blowing audio. Instead, I want this entry-level device to be comfortable, well-built and deliver reasonable audio. Fortunately, it does just that thanks to its compact and well-placed 40mm drivers.

The accurate but limited audio is what I’d expect from a lower-priced item. Consequently, I was neither impressed nor was I disappointed. The high and mid tones are pleasant to listen to without too much distortion. However, the bass is lacking in life and this impacts the experience of high-adrenaline games. Yes, this was frustrating, but the sound effects, music, and communication elements weren’t too adversely affected.

What was great was the swivel microphone and clean voice pickup. This was surprising as I expected it to be tinny, underwhelming, and difficult to understand. Furthermore, the gold-plated connections ensured that interference and unnecessary crackling were almost non-existent. However, with a lack of flip-to-mute and noise cancellation, the clarity is understandably impacted at times. Thankfully, though, the inline mute button and volume control ensure that you set levels to your liking.

Are the GXT 411 Radius worth it?

If you are a more experienced gamer, or you have a high-end headset, the GXT 411 Radius won’t be of interest to you. Yet, if you want a nice, solid peripheral that is reliable without breaking the bank, then maybe this will pique your interest. Thanks to its robust design, simple controls, and nice, but not overwhelming audio, it’ll be sure to be a hit.

Yes, it won’t stack up against any of the top headphones such as ROCCAT or Turtle Beach, but the price point reflects that. Instead, this is designed for people on a budget who want to break into the gaming scene. Subsequently, The GXT 411 Radius has done a great job for this audience. It was too basic for my liking, but I think it’ll resonate with many gamers. Accordingly, I recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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