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Review: GXT 488 Forze


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Love them or loathe them, headphones form an important part of any gaming setup. Accordingly, getting the right ones for your budget is an essential task. Everyone thinks you must spend big to receive exceptional quality, but that’s not always the case. If you are shopping for a mid to lower-range accessory, then you may wish to consider the Trust GXT 488 Forze headphones. These PS4 exclusively designed headphones are substantial, robust, and offer a decent range of sound.

Alongside this, they have an inline controller, a swivel microphone, a mute button, and the headband is comfortable and fully adjustable. What’s more, the lightweight over-ear cups are cool and pleasant during extended gaming sessions. Consequently, you get a solid accessory at an affordable price.

The GXT 488 Forze headset is exclusively designed for PS4.
Exclusively designed for PS4.

What’s in the box of the GXT 488 Forze headphones?

  • The packaging is adorned with the PlayStation logo and the typical blue colour palette. Furthermore, there are some key selling points and warranty information. Disappointingly, though, the inner packaging is made from plastic and this impacts the ability to recycle.
  • The GXT 488 Forze headphones are snugly packaged and look immediately attractive. Once they are out of the box, their simple design is stark. With an inline volume controller, mute button, and a simple swivel microphone, they are extremely user-friendly.
  • User guide. If you are new to gaming headphones, this simple manual will talk you through the fundamentals. 
  • Warranty card. Register your headset in case you need a warranty repair/replacement. 

Technical aspects.

Ear-cup typeOver ear
ConnectionWired 3.5mm
Sound reproduction Stereo
Noise reductionNo
Pop filterYes
Warranty2 year
Powerful 50mm drivers.

If you are focusing on an inexpensive headset, then your most important elements are comfort, sound quality, and clear communication. Fortunately, the GXT 488 Forze delivers on each point. Yes, they won’t have all the high-end tech such as noise cancellation or a flip-to-mute microphone, but that matters not. The people who buy these headphones are parents of younger children and casual gamers. Accordingly, this peripheral exceeds their demands at an affordable price.

The quality of sound is quite impressive because of the 50mm drivers. With a nice range of high to mid-tones and a rich but not overbearing bass, the audio quality is pleasant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have 7.1, 5.1, or 3D surround sound. As such, the sound effects and music tend to be flatter and less intense that their more expensive peers. Yet, I wasn’t disappointed with what I heard. It simply wasn’t as immersive, that’s all.

The nice level of audio is complemented by an excellent microphone. This swivel mic can be adjusted with ease and folded away during solo endeavours. Moreover, there is a mute button when privacy is a must. Alongside this, there is an adjustable volume wheel to ensure your sound levels are just right. With a built-in popping filter, it reduces unwanted noises, and this was an unexpected bonus feature.

Finally, the GXT 488 Forze is extremely comfortable to wear. The adjustable headband and large over-ear cups sit nicely on your head. What’s more, the material stays cool during longer gaming sessions. Unlike its peers, this accessory has no buttons on its main body and this helps to simplify matters.

Simple to use headphones.
Plug and play.

Are the GXT 488 Forze worth it?

I’ve covered every plus point, and I’ve highlighted where it falls short. However, I believe the positives far outweigh the few negatives. On top of this, you can pick from a range of 3 colours, and reassuringly, it is exclusively designed for PS4, so quality is assured. Furthermore, it has a 2-year warranty as standard. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience plenty of gaming headphones. I’ve enjoyed ROCCAT, Turtle Beach, Razer, and many more. Subsequently, I’ve used products from a range of price points. As such, I believe the GXT 488 Forze headphones offer decent features and sound quality for the price. Consequently, if you are a parent looking for an affordable gift, or a casual gamer, I recommend you buy them here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!) 

The GXT 488 Forze headphones are awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
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