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Best FPS Games That We Can Expect in 2023


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Let’s be honest. Even though there is time left this year, we are already planning the 2023 games. There are bound to be more release date casualties before December, including some of the major releases we had been looking forward to this year that was edge-guarded into the following.

One of the most popular gaming genres is the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. What does the future hold for these popular games that include exciting firefights and a ton of adventure? 

We examine the 10 most anticipated 2023 first-person shooter games and advise you to check the FPS Champion website for the latest FPS news, guides and reviews.



Even though this first-person shooter style differs from others, it still has components like starfield, making the game even more exciting. In truth, Bethesda hasn’t been quite clear about what starfield is or what gamers may anticipate from it. 

We know that it will have FPS and RPG components, that you will visit several worlds while traveling through space, and that the experience should be legendary.

RoboCop: Rogue City

You take on the role of the legendary Alex Murphy in this game and defend the citizens of Detroit against those who seek to corrupt the city from within. 

You must take whatever actions are necessary to carry out the Prime Directives and save Detroit using your illustrious arsenal. But heed the warning: you will face strong opposition. It is up to you to determine how far you are willing to go for peace.

Payday 3

Payday has produced a variety of fantastic gameplay moments. Payday 2 was renowned for its DLC material and made advantage of it to ensure that the heists were grander, and the story was developed further. Nothing should change in Payday 3. 

In this game, you are put in a “live city” and are required to pull out the riskiest heists ever. Therefore, be sure that you, your team, and your allies are prepared since only cooperation can do this.


A squad of gunslingers battle for dominance in XDefiant, a game that initially looks to be another in a long series of arena combat games but is really described as a combination of fierce gunplay, customized gear, and specialized factions.

You’ll have your job cut out for you persuading your squad to listen to you and cooperating to overcome the obstacles in this really original game. 


Many stories have a protagonist who isn’t very knowledgeable but has a good heart and strives to return to their roots or start their own thing in the aftermath of all that has occurred to them.

Nightingale’s things are a little different since the game places you in a setting with others with unique powers. Your main objectives are to save lives and identify Nightengale. Find out in this brand-new 2023 game if you can get out of the maze of difficulties and terror that is waiting for you.


Numerous video games have attempted to capture music in novel and engaging ways. We’re eager for the release of Robobeat, a game that aims to achieve precisely that. The rhythm shooter Robobeat aims to maximize your damage by firing in time with the music.

The artificial creature Frazzer is holding your world prisoner in this game. For a better rating and to do more harm, you must battle him to the beat of the music. Because the game has a roguelike component, it never becomes monotonous.

Anger Foot

If you’re creating a game that is solely focused on spades, you need to have a solid foundation. Anger Foot excels at doing that. In the game, a city is where you are. One that calls for someone to take the initiative and stomp a boot in the faces of evildoers.

As a novel approach to save the day, you can roam the city kicking in people’s doors and faces. There’s more to this game than you may realize, and gunfights also appear to be important.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

What would the new gaming year be without at least one Warhammer game? Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a title that appears to be fully booked. As a lone space marine, you must fire down anything that stands in your path as you navigate various obstacles and secrets.

Be careful since the adversaries you encounter won’t be interested in getting along with you, so you shouldn’t either. Make the trip into the shadows with a companion if you can.


Marauders are your opportunity if you’d want to see an alternative Earth once more. In this game, the Great War never came to a conclusion, and by the 1990s, the planet was on the verge of collapse under the weight of industrialization. 

The main objective is to go from ship to ship and rescue them for components that you can utilize to live. You can play by yourself or with other people. In any case, a difficult task lies ahead.


Better Games in 2023

One of the numerous purposes of video games is to relieve tension. Shooter games are popular among players looking for thoughtless entertainment, and the genre is expanding yearly. 

More high-profile game developers are ready to delay their release dates to gain a little extra development time and make their games top-notch for us players. There are many new games to add to your wishlist for the coming year, regardless of your preferred platform.

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