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Review: Kofi Quest


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If an adventure game is what you are looking forward to playing, well look no further! Kofi Quest is a mystical and weapon-filled RPG-style game that doesn’t have you running around and just battling or exploring unique and original worlds. Instead, there are some humorous characters from all different clans, which you’ll meet and befriend, who may rely on you to help them along the way.

To be honest, the title of the game really gives you an idea about what this game is all about. Kofi Quest is a game where you play as you are this young hero Kofi, who has no desire to be a heroic fighter. Instead, he is a lazy child, just like many kids. So the game can feel quite relatable. Regardless, even with his weak and slothful approach to doing anything, Kofi still is helped and sometimes given support by many original friends pushing him to keep going and be the amazing hero he was meant to be.

⚔️ How Was The Game ⚔️

I felt Kofi Quest was a very eventful game that kept my interest for hours till I took a break and started playing again. However, to be honest, at first, I felt uncertain that I’d really enjoy the game as much as I did. It doesn’t really feel like many other RPG games. Especially, with the original characters and their spoken observations or how they communicate with each other. Even the artistic style and design are so different, a bit cartoony. Nevertheless, I was very mistaken, it was better than would have thought and humorous too!

The story of this game felt like it was well put together, with a good start to an immaculate ending. The way each character would react to each other felt like being in the real world and how the common amount of friends would speak to each other. In addition to their snarky comments and words, they have been very helpful throughout the game and really work like a great team to slay these devilish enemies.

Unfortunately, I felt the game seems to be a bit crowded, with so many characters like the good and bad in one location at a time. I don’t really think it is too much to make the game horrible, it just can be a bit tight when trying to keep an eye on who and where each of your team members may be located. Regardless, this only occurs in some parts of the game, when everyone is so close to each other.

However, I do feel that the weapon variety is really nice, not being extremely large, but just the right amount to choose from and decide upon, including the armor you can equip. One big reason I do enjoy this weapon thing is not how powerful and great the attacks are, but it only takes gold to buy them. You don’t have to worry about leveling up to a certain amount to gain access to use the weapon as in many other games. There is no right or wrong weapon for Kofi, each purchase is acceptable and useable once it’s equipped.

Ultimately, Kofi Quest has plenty to do that includes strategic battling action, side quests, and even some fun riding on an extinct creature, a direwolf through an enormous world map. I also have a few positive aspects that I did enjoy most about the game. One of them would be the option to adjust the level of difficulty modes. Therefore, anyone can learn to play the game with ease at first and work their way up to the most difficult mode if they want. You also can even adjust the gameplay during the pause screen and many other settings.

One of the other pleasurable features is the ability to speed through a conversation. Yes, there are parts that teach you how to play the game, but most of the time I do like to get right into the action. So even if you played the game for the first time, now you can adjust the difficult mode and know how to play the game already. It’s just great to be able to speed through each conversation to get to the action sooner and move on faster.

A few other positive features I found myself enjoying is that the objects or persons who you can interact with will be easy to know. There is a very clear bright light that surrounds the object and even a mark that becomes present when you get near it. So there is no way to be confused about what you can or can not do. Plus, if you want to just destroy objects, you can do so freely as there is no set time or limited amount of when you need to fulfill a goal and mainly have fun doing all you like on your own time.

Of course, these were just a few things I did enjoy about the game, which also include the snarky and quirky characters. Unfortunately, I do have some unpleasant parts during the game that could be better, and yet didn’t make me want to stop playing. They mainly were a little bit to do with the graphics, sound, and possibly the style of how the game is played. Again these will be my own opinion, some may enjoy these features.

So to start, the first one I felt was a little off, is how you can walk through a character or just push them freely. It’s almost as if they were invisible or just solid moveable objects you can push or go right through many of them. Even if they tend to be standing right in front of you or speak to them, they aren’t fully designed to be solid or something that the hero; Kofi will need to move around each one.

The second thing is especially how the hero and other characters may move a bit slower than I wish they could move while traveling. Also, I do wish the volume of each character as they speak would be louder. I have the game at the highest level of voice volume, sound effects, and background music, but it still comes out very low and hard to hear through the Nintendo Switch Lite game console. This also includes playing it in a very quiet room. So even if I can’t catch every word mentioned, which is probably another reason why I skip most of what is being said, I am thankful there is every word forming below making it easy to know what is being said.

A third thing is that I did realize is that with some of the quests or tasks seem to make you feel like you’re searching around each location, figuring out where you need to go. At least it won’t let you enter or exit one location if it’s not the right way, but I do feel I am getting lost most of the time in the game. It isn’t very easy or simple sometimes to know where you must go without searching a little bit around. Oh yes, a tip is to read the text or listen to the spoken words as they do help you realize what needs to occur next or you’ll also be confused about what to do next.

The fourth issue I came upon is during gameplay. Each character that is part of the team, seems to be hard to get to battle at times. Mostly they just stand still and It’s like I have to make Kofi fight by himself without the team’s supportive fighting. At least, it does seem to work finally once in a while or when I get the enemies near my team of fighters. I think once again I am mostly feeling lost or confused in this game.

Lastly, I felt that each character can only be seen from one forward-facing position with the same facial expressions even as they speak. So it doesn’t give the game a realistic feel, especially with the handing off of objects or when certain things appear. I don’t think this one is that big of a deal, but as a player, you’ll notice that there always facing forward even with the rotation of cameras. It might remove the realistic feel from the game, even if it’s a cartoon-designed character.

Now, these are nothing but small potatoes, as many might say. However, it really is a few issues that could probably be fixed or adjusted to make the game a little more visually and graphically excellent. Otherwise, the battles and the story of the game are fantastic, making this game quite an excellent RPG. Plus, a tip, if you go back into a home or location and break open an object, there will be the same items and even gold back in the same place. So you can easily earn some more gold faster for better weapons and even more supplies if you need them for free!

⚔️ Final Verdict ⚔️

Kofi Quest is such an interesting and original RPG-style game. It’s got plenty of great action-packed battles against a variety of monsters and creatures, heroic music playing in the background, an extensive world map to travel and explore, and plenty of unique friends to meet. I think, for the most part, the game brings such a wonderful array of side quests to tackle and can keep the player occupied as well as the freedom to do as you please. I just feel there are a few issues that aren’t easy to avoid and can wreck the joy of the gameplay because it doesn’t work out or plays as it should.

So what else can I say, I felt this game to be at times a little confusing, and sometimes it can be eventful and interesting. Yet, I don’t feel it was a horrible game, but one that could still be worked on and improved to repair a few minor issues to make it even better! Again, these are my own opinions and maybe you might find them to be better than I had.


Great Features
+ Freedom at Anytime to Adjust the Difficulty and Other Game Settings

+ Plenty of Locations to Travel and Visit

+ Humorous Characters with Unique Quirks

+ Unique and Original Team Members and Enemies

Poor Features
- Graphical Design and Volume Could Be Better

- Characters Move a Little to Slow

- Getting Lost or Confused During Gameplay

- Crowding at Some Points During the Gameplay

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)

Game Information
Title: Kofi Quest

Publisher: Hypetrain Digital

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Players: Single Player

Rating: Everyone 10+

Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing, & Strategy

Supported Languages: English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, & Spanish

Release Date: August 25, 2022

Nintendo eStore: Kofi Quest

Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Kofi Quest<b><u>Great Features</b></u><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">+ Freedom at Anytime to Adjust the Difficulty and Other Game Settings</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">+ Plenty of Locations to Travel and Visit</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">+ Humorous Characters with Unique Quirks</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">+ Unique and Original Team Members and Enemies</div><br><br> <b><u>Poor Features</b></u><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">- Graphical Design and Volume Could Be Better</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">- Characters Move a Little to Slow</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">- Getting Lost or Confused During Gameplay</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em">- Crowding at Some Points During the Gameplay</div><br><br> <div style="margin-left:15em"><b>(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)</b></div><br><br> <u><b>Game Information</b></u><br> <div style="margin-left: 2.5em"><b>Title:</b> Kofi Quest</div> <br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Publisher:</b> Hypetrain Digital</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Platform:</b> Nintendo Switch</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Players:</b> Single Player</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Rating:</b> Everyone 10+</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Genre:</b> Adventure, Role-Playing, & Strategy</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Supported Languages:</b> English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, & Spanish</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Release Date:</b> August 25, 2022</div><br> <div style="margin-left:2.5em"><b>Nintendo eStore:</b><a href=""> Kofi Quest </a></div><br>