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Review: Gamesir X3


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The increased rollout of 5G and unbelievably fast Wi-Fi connections have changed the way we game. No longer do we need to be restricted to home gaming. Instead, we are free to take our favourite titles with us wherever we roam. Consequently, the rise of mobile gaming devices is mind-blowing. Today, I’m looking at one of Gamesir’s latest devices, the Gamesir X3.

This small and robust controller looks fantastic, feels great, and has a built-in flexible USB-C port. This was phenomenal as the Gamesir X3 doesn’t require charging, nor will you experience any form of input lag. Accordingly, you’ll enjoy buttery smooth gaming, as long as your Internet connection is good enough.

Comfortable and lightweight.
Amazingly comfortable to use.

What’s in the box of the Gamesir X3?

  • The Gamesir X3 is delivered in a handy textile carry case. This black meshed packaging looks to be water-resistant and hard-wearing. On the outside is a cardboard sleeve emblazoned with information and the company logo.
  • The Gamesir X3 is a spectacularly attractive device. With a white livery and Gamesir’s blue and red accents, it is nice to look at. There are two USB-C ports located at the bottom of the controller. These will charge the cooling fan and the pass-through charging facility.
  • Spare parts. Like every pro controller, the Gamesir X3 has an array of swappable buttons. You can exchange the D-pad for a faceted one. There are also high-rise and low-rise analogue sticks, and concave and convex thumbstick caps.
  • User guide and stickers. Learn the basics and show your support for this well-established company. 
  • USB-C charging cable. A moderately sized USB-C charging cable.

Technical aspects. 

ConnectionUSB type C
CompatibilityAndroid 9+
Phone size110-179mm
Cooling area4000 mm2 cooling area
Cooling systemA 7-blade fan at 7500 RPM

I’ve looked at many mobile gaming peripherals. The Nacon MG-X and the Gamesir X2 Lightning are to name but a few. However, the Gamesir X3 impressed me from the off. Its incredible build quality was instantly noticeable. With a sturdy central phone holder, you feel reassured when using it. Furthermore, the wonderful cooling fan works extremely well, especially when playing high-demand games.

What I also loved was the responsive nature of the buttons and how comfortable they were to use. Thanks to the Kailh switches, this controller can be used up to 3 million clicks. What’s more, the actuation distance of only 0.6mm is 40% less than a standard membrane controller. So, what does this mean in real terms? Well, it means your inputs are quicker, and this improves your gaming experience.

The same is said for the inclusion of a USB-C to controller connector. This excellent design feature ensures that you’ll have the best gaming experience. If you have a strong enough connection, you can challenge friends and family with no input lag or latency problems. Subsequently, the Gamesir X3 excels when it comes to FPS and racing titles.

Keep your phone cool with this colourful fan-driven cooling system.
The colourful RGB cooling system.

Swappable buttons and a phenomenal app. 

One of the key elements I adore about this controller is its swappable buttons. Now, this may seem gimmicky but bear with me. As this device can be used for multiple platforms, it is necessary to adjust the A, B, X, and Y buttons. Why? Otherwise, it’s confusing and annoying as hell. Luckily, a small indent in each of the buttons makes it easy to lift them and place them how you wish. Consequently, there is minimal risk of damage, so swapping them around isn’t an issue.

Now, changing the look is one thing, but surely the controller won’t know things have changed? Well, that would be the case if Gamesir hadn’t created their excellent app. This free-to-download software allows you to map your device to any particular style you like. It has preset options for Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and these should be enough.

Alongside this, there is a wonderful library of compatible games. If, like me, you play on Xbox, you can auto-load those apps to get straight into the action. There are also options for PlayStation, Android, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and more. As such, it is extremely user-friendly and an excellent companion for this device.

The Gamesir X3 has plenty of customisable options.
So many options to choose from.

Cool your device and look cool at the same time.

No one wants their device to overheat. If it does, it’ll potentially cause damage and impact your performance. Luckily, the Gamesir X3 has this covered. With a well-placed 4000mm2 cooling area and a 7-blade fan that spins at 7500 RPM, your phone will run up to 24°C cooler. This makes for an unrivalled cooling performance that will improve your gaming experience.

Alongside this, the fan system has a badass RGB lighting setup. From the moment you plug it in, the fan switches on and the dynamic lighting starts. Now, this doesn’t add anything to the device other than making it look cool as hell!

Is the Gamesir X3 worth it?

With so many great controllers on the market, is the Gamesir X3 worth it? In short, absolutely! It has to be one of the best controllers I’ve used for mobile gaming. With low-latency input, pass-through charging, mappable buttons, and a cooling pad, it stands out amongst its peers.

Alongside this, you must consider the flexible USB-C port. This minor design trick improves usability while reducing damage to your phone and the device. The final thing to mention is the excellent capture button. Located by the D-pad, you can take screenshots of every cool move you pull off. Unlike the rest of the features, this is a bit gimmicky, but I loved it nonetheless.

When you weigh up all the positives, you realise that the Gamesir X3 is a phenomenal accessory. I adored its design, functionality, and build quality. Consequently, if you want a new mobile gaming controller, then look no further. As such, I recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Gamesir can be found here!)

The Gamesir X3 has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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