GamingReview: Farm Manager 2022

Review: Farm Manager 2022


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Do you love the idea of running your own farm, taking care of everything by overseeing what goes on and what to do if things get troublesome? How about, do you enjoy a game that allows you to not only play on your own but also have a choice to challenge and build skills by going through a few career modes related to farming? Then maybe you should give the Farm Manager 2022 version a try! it’s the newest game for Nintendo Switch and will help you learn what it takes to run a farm and keep things thriving day by day.

Plus, there are so many fun challenges and plenty of engagement that as a manager, you’ll be required to handle. Don’t always think that employees are the only ones that do all the work, you aren’t just going to be standing around and watching. Instead, you’ll be involved with the important role of making important decisions, affording employees, and dealing with purchasing farming equipment, livestock, and many more items or buildings to add to the farm. Plus, with the weather changes and the occurrence of any type of disaster that may hit, you’ll need to know how to handle all of that as well! So do you think you have what it takes to be a farmer, but most importantly the manager of a farm? If so, then come check out what is in store for you in this game.

🚜 How Was The Game 🚜

The game starts out with four main gaming options, but mainly the one that really is worth trying is the one that relates to your understanding of the game better. That would be playing through the tutorial mode, and even better is to move forward and choose the second option that helps you learn and challenge what you were taught through the career mode. Each step and how to move through every piece feature are easily explained and can be acknowledged through these game modes. Since there are plenty of things you’ll need to understand so you can play the game without a problem, perfect beginner game choice.

There is one strange issue I noticed that isn’t the same as in the Xbox game mode, which I don’t recall it to be the same. During, the tutorial mode of the game, which is very easy to understand and play through each step. Yes, it does take time to get used to the controller to access each of the features. Regardless the completion is where it gets a little strange. There isn’t any congratulations or a special word of you created your first farm. Instead, it just returns you quickly to the main menu of the game, allowing you time to choose another one other option down the list to play, or if you want to play the tutorial stage again it’s still there too.

The third option is the Scenario Mode, which gives you certain tasks to accomplish inside an already established farm. You just have to do the task required, mainly told to you from when you select which scenario you’d like to try and also during the game. After completing a few tasks requested, then the stage is completed and you can move toward others which may take time and more work to accomplish. Another mode is great for skill building and adds an additional piece of gameplay to make this game even more interesting.

Lastly, the fourth option is Free Mode, close to playing a sandbox-style game. You are in charge and have no missions or goals to accomplish, it’s just your own personal farm to run and keep thriving. A game mode that is just as simple as telling you, here is a large amount of space and now do what you like and build a farm as big or small as you want. You’ll still have the job as the manager, but no important tasks to accomplish to move forward like in career mode. You just let your creativity go into play.

Now I did have a chance to try this game in the past for the Xbox One console and I honestly always felt this game to be awesome! I even like that now I can have it to play on my handheld Nintendo Switch console, which is also able to be played on the TV, and go with me when I want to play Farm Manager 2022. Additionally, I love the ease it has compared to some other realistic 3D-style farming games. Especially if you are an employee on the farm and not running it from the manager’s point of view.

The features that are included with this game will have you adding buildings, placing and purchasing new machines, and hiring employees to operate and take care of the crops and livestock you decide to buy. Besides purchasing only a few crops and livestock, you will also be able to raise a mixed type of livestock and crops. Plus, if you want you can take some time to oversee the production and operations by taking a close view with the adjustment of the camera and seeing from all sides what is happening and how everything is looking.

Next, there are some challenges like the weather changes that occur. You would have to make sure to know what to plant, how much, or how to care for certain livestock and plants that you are growing to make a profit on and feed. As bad weather can really cause havoc and even buildings may end up burning up in flames causing you to lose a building or requiring you to spend more money on repairs or replacement. That practically goes with a bunch of things that the weather can do. Then again, not everything lasts and not everything will survive.

In reality, this game brings plenty of realistic challenges and requires planning to keep the funds coming in as well as loans and avoiding disaster along the way. Just like being a tycoon, you will get to be in charge of how well the game plays day by day, all determined by how well you do your job. Plus, to be honest, I love this style of game more than just being a farmer working on the farm. As you are a leader that oversees everything and does what is needed to keep things running.

Lastly, there are two things that were a bit frustrating. I know all the steps are meant to make it easy, but sometimes I did get lost and confused, leading to a huge headache trying to figure out what I need to do to get certain tasks completed. Also, I want to mention that the text sometimes felt too small with so much being mentioned by the woman on top, guiding us through most of the game. For many, it’s just going to have you squinting most of the time. This was an issue I had while playing the Xbox version as well. However, if you get close up to the screen it’ll be easier, or if you just don’t have a problem reading small text, then it’s not the worst issue. Yet, many may suffer this as a problem.

Otherwise, I found nothing to be wrong with the speed, graphics, or sounds in the game. Plus, with so much that you can do during the game, you may think its loading time might stall or cause some type of issues, but in actuality, it didn’t. Everything from the sounds, change of weather, and the graphics and design of objects, characters, and many other items appear are so realistic. Additionally, the gameplay is easy it is to get a hang of, right from the start. You do need to get acquainted with the features as in many games, but after going through the career mode, which also acts like the tutorial stage of the game, everything becomes a piece of cake and from then on, it’s just so much fun to play and play over and over again!

🚜 Final Thoughts 🚜

I love these types of games, simulation games that also can be considered to play like a sandbox game too! It’s got career mode to get you understanding and also learning how to play. Then you have the chance to just build up your farm the way you like. After of course, learning how to play and use the different features, which there are plenty to learn, it does become easier to know how to build and run a farm as a great manager should!

I honestly loved the game, it’s easier to move around, but can be tricky in the beginning. However, it gets simpler after you play the game constantly. I don’t really feel there is anything so easier than Farm Manager as many other games out there that are similar to a simulated farming game. This game makes it easier to view everything on the farm and easily get the job required of you done correctly the first time. Except, some may find it a bit difficult or get confused at times, which can be a good reason to pause the game till you work the farm out and put it together. Also, for the details from the lady at the top of each tutorial, career or scenario mode can be a bit difficult to read. Yet on a good note, you can play the game as much as you like and always change it up, as there is no end to the possibilities and how to become a great manager!


+ Realistic Simulator of Being a Manager
+ Many Challenges from Scenarios and Career Mode
+ Able to Fast Forward or Pause
+ Brilliant Graphics

- Frustrating & Confusing at Times with Steps Needed to be Performed
- Small Text to Read

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
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+ Realistic Simulator of Being a Manager<br> + Many Challenges from Scenarios and Career Mode<br> + Able to Fast Forward or Pause<br> + Brilliant Graphics<br><br> - Frustrating & Confusing at Times with Steps Needed to be Performed<br> - Small Text to Read<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)Review: Farm Manager 2022