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Review: Samurai Riot


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Do you have some rage you want to release? Who doesn’t it’s part of life, and many things will get us upset. Well, why not take some of that rage and try out this new game, Samurai Riot as it’s basically a game that has you slaying and beating up foes as they appear!

You’ll be enjoying a slightly adventurous 2D game with the choice of being one of the two main characters. Each will have their own style, abilities, and fighting techniques, but you are in charge of how well they fight. The main goal is to defeat everyone who comes toward you, and as you move forward, the story continues to develop. There will be plenty of arcade-style fighting, with large and even small demonic bosses throughout the game. So if you want to take a chance, decide your path, and beat up so many enemies, well then get ready to fight, fight FIGHT!

🗡️ How Was The Game 🗡️

This is a fun game that can be played a few different ways, as a solo player, which I’ve done or co-op. Either way, the game is basically a beat-em-up style game. There are so many different paths to decide upon and even fight PVP style if you’d like. However, the goal of this game is basically about fighting throughout until you defeat each enemy you come against.

Additionally, there are only two main characters to choose between. There is Sukane a stubborn female samurai with a cute fox friend and a strong will to take down anyone even if they are a bit stronger than her. The other one you can decide upon is a guy named Tsurumaru. He is an extremely well-trained and skilled samurai who fought through years of bloody campaigns and worked hard beside his master to become the great fighter he is now.

Out of the two, they both are very well skilled in combat skills, and even if you think the Tsurumaru has more of a powerful description and will possibly defeat so many foes much easily. Let me tell you not to be fooled by just what you read. Skane on the other hand, if you decide upon choosing her does have that fox who can stall the enemy for a little bit of time, so you can defeat more and give you an upper hand in the fights. Either way, it won’t matter as long as you, the player, and your fast finger movements are ready to force the character of your choice towards each foe and put those fighting moves in action. Plus, with a co-op mode, you can both work together and help take down more enemies and foes with ease, or as any beginner, just play the easy version of the game and it won’t be too hard to defeat and win each time.

I did like that after choosing a character you’re able to decide on the course that the hero you are playing wants to play under. It will give them a change in their ability and even their color or look. It’s basically a choice that you also can open up a few others with more earned coins throughout the game. They each will allow you to grant how strong one’s health, strength, agility, and fury are during the game at the start. So right there, that decision can also change how the game plays, just by the way your character plays.

Now for the game, well it’s actually not too bad, but it could be way better! The gameplay can feel a bit slow in the movement of the character we get to play, and not as interesting as many 2D arcade-style games just like this would normally be. The choice to move up or down and back or forward, just felt a tad bit slow and that goes for the foes as well. The fighting, there is no lie that there is plenty of this with nonstop amounts in each stage, as they’ll come from behind or in front of you. Either way, you must defeat each to move forward and ahead to the next amount to fight.

This game does remind me of some old classic games. Especially, arcade-style types that require you to complete what is in front of you or behind you, before moving ahead. I wasn’t always a fan of these games, but I did like the ones that were with characters from Superheros like Batman which I thought made it a bit more fun. Nevertheless, there are certain objects you’ll be able to attack and break apart to grab some special items from and use towards powering up your fighter; the samurai that you’ve chosen to play. Plus, some can be used to earn for a new design in character choice from the beginning menu section.

Lastly, the levels are basically all set up the same way and it can be a bit redundant and dull after a while. Nothing surprising happens, and the slowness sort of gets to be a bit much. However, if you can’t fight great, it may help push you to defeat better and win the game easier. Regardless, this game has plenty of larger bosses to take down, but other than fighting and moving on through the story and gameplay. It’s practically a simple fighting game with just a few additional ways to play.

🗡️ Final Thoughts 🗡️

If you love fighting games, even ones that are slightly adventurous with a continuous fighting path that doesn’t just stop at one enemy. Well, this game Samurai Riot is a great game that will just have you battling nonstop! It’s got a story that builds as you choose your path and how well you fight, this will show if you can survive and live through these stages. The game is very well designed with brilliant graphics and is very entertaining with plenty of action, but it can be a bit slow in the way the characters and enemies move in the game. Therefore, if I had to tell you what the game was to me, well it’s like a classic arcade game with a little slow action, but plenty to fight!


+ Excellent 2D Graphics
+ Simple Gameplay Design
+ Co-Op Option

- Gameplay Becomes Dull and Redudant
- Slow Walking Pace During Gameplay

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Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Samurai Riot+ Excellent 2D Graphics<br> + Simple Gameplay Design<br> + Co-Op Option<br><br> - Gameplay Becomes Dull and Redudant<br> - Slow Walking Pace During Gameplay<br><br> (Reviewed on the )