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Review: Coromon


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Ready to set out on an adventure, being able to build your own personalized hero? Have the ability to design not only the appearance of your character but also create your own experience as you play the game?

Well, then you might enjoy this turn-based, JRPG-pixelated game such as Coromon. It’s packed with a variety of options allowing you the choice for an easier experience that is more laid back and strongly about the narrative, or if you want, there is a choice of the difficult mode. Well, if this is something you feel like trying, then you’ll need to step up your game and prepare for a challenge at every battle as well as try for greater stats! Either option you decide, the game practically adjusts and changes to fit the way you want to play. Also the many in-game features, every decision made on your behalf is part of building the game’s story and it’s up to you to complete and survive the destruction of the demonic monsters.

How Was The Game

First, I must admit I thought of this game to be as similar to playing a classic and a more modern style, pixelated Pokémon and adventure game like Zelda combined. Especially, by how you capture, train, and use each new Coromon creature to battle against others. You’ll mainly be a trainer or as they put it, Battle Researcher. Your job is to capture and enjoy playing up to 100 unique and adorable creatures, or just as many as you like to use in battle with other demonic monsters who are causing destruction. Some that you go against could be a few new friends you’ll want to capture, rather than defeat.

I did want to also mention that I found the adventure portion of the game to be enjoyable! I love the ability to roam around in a game with such beautiful graphics. Each location is filled with such a realistic appearance that you can easily detect where and what an object is when you enter a room or destination. Sometimes it’s possible to find hidden items by checking out every object in that location as well! In some ways, I felt like I enjoyed not only the game’s main purpose for playing but the surroundings and what else you can do. It felt as close to playing an RPG and a simulation game in one.

The freedom portion of the game I totally love, it’s different from just playing a straight one-path game. That is what really makes me enjoy the game even more! For example, I can slow things down and play a fun game on the computer in our bedroom called Flappy Swurmy and try to win a few times on that. Even if I want I can change my hairstyle or clothing whenever I feel I want to. There is no need to restart or buy anything extra for adjusting the clothing and my own appearance. Even plant seeds to grow helpful products for your creature’s health, figure out side quests, and do many other little things, also including the ability to change one’s name in the settings menu at pause or adjust the way the character moves and much more!

In addition to all of that, like a real RPG-style game, communication is so important. Many of the people will provide plenty of worthy knowledge about the game and what you need to do and even gift you some special items to add to your inventory. This also occurs, find special items when you begin checking out objects all over the different locations you visit, such as hidden items some in boxes and others just behind other objects. Either way, everything will all be useful to have in this game.

So moving on to the main goal of the game, being a Battle Researcher is an uncommon job, never seen in another game. Nevertheless, it might be really fun to really have a job title like that, where one performs the job of a creature trainer. Plus, everything is very well explained from the start and even the first practice battle training is provided to you. So there will never be any type of confusion about how to play the game as you move forward. Even at the start, the similarity of Pokémon, choosing your first creature from the three in front of you, looks so familiar.

As you do move forward in the game, discover some new creatures to capture. You’ll not only get to keep a log and learn about each creature captured or found during battle, but during a real battle with the six you can have in your team at a time, you’ll be able to show off their powerful abilities that each possesses. Additionally, each battle also aids in your milestone log, gifting you rewards as you also get to level up, just as the creatures do during each battle. So the more you fight, the wild creatures or those you meet from other Battle Researchers, the better and the more powerful of a trainer you become. That also includes the creatures you will be used to battling, they begin to evolve and transform with better stats and obtain some new powerful attacks as you battle more!

Sometimes many may have found some RPG-styled battle games to be difficult to play, but not this one! It’s way easier for every type of player, beginner or expert to enjoy! Everything is clearly explained and simple enough to know how to use or know what to do next during any turn-based battle. Every creature will have its own special earthly, powerful abilities. Every one you find will provide its own earthy style of power like fire, water, and many others. So it kind of makes it easy to know which one to use while going up another creature that is based on a different powerful attack source.

That way, when you get an idea of the type of power each collected creature can possess, you’ll know who will provide the most damage to each creature of all different sizes that you come up against to fight. The game continues to get challenging for those who play the normal or either of the two other difficulty modes. However, the easy version makes it a bit simpler, so if it ever gets too hard, that is still an option! Otherwise, the challenging portion of the game continues to keep adding pressure on you and your team when it comes to the battle sequence.

There is one other thing I must admit. I adore playing RPG games specially designed like this one! It’s fully engaging and pleasing to the eyes. Everything about the battles, the beautiful graphics, and the story as well as the gameplay in total is just brilliant! I even enjoy the character; the hero that we are able to play in the game. Since we can control the design of what we look like, which was something we never had that type of freedom in some similar classic battle-trainer games. Plus, you can also obtain even more gear to help move you along on your journey by helping others out on some mini-quests, and also completing a few larger tasks. It’s fun to see that not only do the creatures we train gain some leveling up and stronger skills with better, but so do we; Battle Researcher.

I guess all of this mentioned above is why it was hard to put the game down and stop playing. I just kept wanting to charge my console up and continue on this adventurous journey. Even if the goal is clearly to defeat the demonic creatures and monsters in this world, I found everything else going on in the game to be so much fun! I guess that is why I couldn’t even find one flaw in this game. Maybe I’m just too blinded by how well this game really well created. Plus, add the additional ability to play online in multiplayer mode, where you can battle another team. Well, the game just got even more entertaining to play.

Final Thought

Lastly, Coromon has so much going on, but it’s not difficult to play. This game is just really entertaining and fully engaging with plenty of challenging battles between creatures you capture and train. It’s got so many different paths that will set up as you continue to play, cause each choice you decide will create the journey you’ll need to continue on to complete the game. I feel that this game is really something worth playing. It’s perfect for all styles of gamers, beginners to expert RPG gamers, and will keep you playing over and over again and again.


+ Excellent Full Colored Pixelated Graphics
+ Extra Activities to Play Outside the Original Goal
+ Difficulty Mode Options to Suit Every Player
+ Multiplayer Online Battling Against Other Teams
+ Pokémon and Classic Zelda Gamers will Love the Similarity in Gameplay

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Excellent Full Colored Pixelated Graphics<br> + Extra Activities to Play Outside the Original Goal<br> + Difficulty Mode Options to Suit Every Player<br> + Multiplayer Online Battling Against Other Teams<br> + Pokémon and Classic Zelda Gamers will Love the Similarity in Gameplay<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)Review: Coromon