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Review: The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

At EGX 2022, I was lucky enough to play The Last Hero of Nostalgaia and patiently waited for the game to come out. It...

Review: No Place for Bravery

2D souls-like games just about warrant a genre categorisation of their own. The top-down variations are rarer than their side scrolling counterparts, but they...

Review: Coromon

Ready to set out on an adventure, being able to build your own personalized hero? Have the ability to design not only the appearance...

Review: Glam’s Incredible Run

It's all about the hair.

Review: Triangle Strategy

Do you have what it takes to be a heroic and great leader? Possibly, you have a love for long narrative-style games, which you...

Review: Gunborg: Dark Matters

Escape the spaceship and tackle every enemy.

Review: Space Robinson

Death Is Not The End You are going to die. After that, you’ll die again. Not long following your last death, be ready for another....

Review: Cake Invaders

Mmmmmm cake!

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Review: Eggcelerate to the Tropics

An eggcellent time trial title that is no yolk.

Review: Loretta