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Review: Harlow


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Have you been searching for something new to play that is a bit tricky and yet different from any other platformer game you’ve probably ever played before? How about if I said that the game is filled with the need to plan moves to avoid danger, take on a few adventures through new locations and puzzles to solve, and enjoy plenty of additional finds to set up for a special space party? Then, maybe you’ll enjoy the game Harlow, a little AI robot that gets to investigate large 2D environmental locations with many obstacles to overcome.

How Was The Game

To start, the game isn’t as easy as it seems. The game from what is stated in the detail and how it appears with the many in-play game images might look like this simple game. Especially where you can move the little AI, Harlow all over, with the analog key or arrow keys. However, it isn’t that easy and to be honest a bit difficult!

You must toss the little round axil-like wheel around to get him to the right locations he needs to get to. It’s completely hard to even move him on some exact targeted areas as it’s never straight or simple. You get this arrow line that aims the guy, but it doesn’t mean he’s gonna always land there or be able to reach some high destinations. That might be my only biggest flaw in this game. It took me longer getting through the levels because of the way you must move Harlow, then the obstacles around me trying to cause harm. It almost feels as if I’m tossing a ball, but without it being so easy enough to get it to aim or reach places I need to.

Of course, after a while, the game does get to be a bit familiar with what you need to do and how to move around easier. However, I have two other issues, sometimes when you get stuck in a position and can’t move forward, there is no restart from the last saved area, just have to return back to the ship and reenter the game. It just feels like there isn’t a complete way to abandon a game when any mistake occurs, which would make it so much easier. Plus, I wish there was a little quicker way to move the robot quicker when the moves won’t be accurate to the targeted location. It just feels a bit slow and could be great to have a way to speed things up a tiny bit with the other controller buttons.

Many may think that the setting or main menu, there could be a way to adjust the game. However, with the few setting adjustments, it doesn’t really do anything for the gameplay as I wish it could or should for those who need it to be a bit more personalized for their liking and easier to play. So to be thankful for one thing, I am grateful there isn’t any other higher difficulty level to choose from as it’s plenty challenging already!

On the other hand for a 2D game, the graphics are nice. I do love 2D games they are very easy to play and not bad if you get sick with vertigo in a 3D environment that requires a bunch of moving around. Plus, the levels are a mix of challenging and sometimes can be easy but don’t always expect it to be that easy. Also, the music is a bit upbeat and isn’t bad for the game. Fits the scene and them of the game quite nicely.

I really can’t say that the game is really that bad, it’s just a little difficult to move. Plus, to add to the movement issue, the amount of jumps and time you take is also being recorded. It’s at the end of the location, it will state how long it took you to get to the finish area. Plus, another way to make this game difficult is that sometimes, you’ll notice locations in the level that is safe to touch and really are not! A few objects are there that look fine to land on, but you’ll soon find out that they are traps and dangerous. So I can totally tell you, it isn’t always clear what is safe or not, providing you with a few tricky levels to play from start to finish without a few oopsy and mistakes along the way.

Final Thought

I would have to conclude by saying that this game is challenging to play. The worst thing I could say is that even if the game isn’t full of demons or enemies that are out to destroy you, the movability of the game is tortuous. So are the times you get stuck in the game. Yet, don’t get me wrong, it’s cute to see his smiling face as you push or actually toss him around, but it can become frustrating most of the time, I guess that is also what makes the game a challenge and even more like a puzzle.

Is this game for me, probably not, but it did put up a challenge to play! Regardless, don’t let my negative experiences make you feel unable to take on the challenge and try it out. There are still plenty of interesting things and levels to enjoy. It is just going to put you to a whole new challenge, how well you can move through each level and survive without defeat.


+ Upbeat Music
+ Nice 2D Space-Like Graphics
+ Cute AI Robot Character

- Difficult to Move Around
- No Restart When You Get Stuck - Can Feel A Little Slow with Movements

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Harlow+ Upbeat Music<br> + Nice 2D Space-Like Graphics<br> + Cute AI Robot Character<br><br> - Difficult to Move Around<br> - No Restart When You Get Stuck - Can Feel A Little Slow with Movements<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)