TechReview: Woowind AP2-P Pump

Review: Woowind AP2-P Pump


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We’ve all been there when we’ve tried to drive our car, ride our motorbike or push bike, or kick a ball, only to discover you have a flat. So, what are you going to do? Traditionally, you’d grab a hand pump, look at the analogue gauge, at get to work. However, that is inaccurate, dated, and a pain in the arse. Instead, allow technology to guarantee your pressure while removing the effort. This is what happens if you use a Woowind AP2-P Pump! It is a portable compressor that is powerful, useful, and super accurate.

Alongside these things, it has many uses, won’t break the bank, and is sturdy and well built. Furthermore, it is easy to get to grips with, has some helpful preset modes, and can inflate a tyre in no time. I have recently looked at the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump, and I adored it. However, the Woowind AP2-P Pump has some differences that make it stand out from its peers. So let’s unpack this accessory and take a closer look.

The Woowind AP2-P pump has plenty of nozzles to get you started.
Plenty of nozzles to inflate all your goods.

What’s in the box of the Woowind AP2-P Pump?

  • The compact and robust packaging is simple to look at. Furthermore, it highlights key selling points and isn’t fussy or OTT. More importantly, it protects the contents and can easily be recycled. 
  • The Woowind AP2-P Pump. This sturdy device is tactile and well built. It has a smooth finish to the front and rear, and a gripped area to the side. A small LED sits next to a small cluster of buttons. At one end there is an LED torch, a USB-C port and a USB-A port.
  • An array of adapters. To ensure that this can inflate many items, you are provided with several adapters. These include; a flexible hose, Presta and Schrader valve adapter, swimming ring nozzle, and a ball needle.
  • USB-C charging cable. A small rubberised charging cable is included to charge the 2*2000 mAh Lithium batteries.
  • Carry case. With many bits to keep safe, Woowind has provided you with a helpful carry case. This textile bag comfortably houses each item and is built to last. 
  • A simple user guide. This simple manual explains the fundamentals. 

Technical aspects. 

The Woowind AP2-P Pump is built with versatility in mind. Not only is it fantastic for inflating an array of goods, but it has a bright torch and is also a power bank. This is unusual but excellent as its multi-faceted approach is handy when out and about. What’s more, its compact design makes it perfect to stow in a car or motorbike in case of an emergency. 

Alongside this, its massive 4000 mAh battery life is a game-changer. Accordingly, you’ll rarely run out of juice and you can top up your phone if its running low.

These things aside, let’s look at its preset modes. With 5 to choose from, you can get to work inflating tyres, beach toys, and balls, immediately. However, a handy custom mode puts you in full control. You may inflate items up to a whopping 150 PSI if you wish. This makes the Woowind AP2-P Pump an excellent tool for anyone with a road bike. What’s more, PSI isn’t the only value it works in. No, instead you can select Bar, KPA, and Kg/cm.

Inflate tyres in no time.
A quick and powerful pump.

Loads of features, but how easy is it to use?

With a large list of uses, you may worry that it’s complicated to use. Well, worry not, as it’s pretty straightforward. Simply attach the required nozzle, set the pressure, and attach it to your tyre, ball, or inflatable. Moreover, a helpful auto-stop function cuts the device off at the desired level.

This extra feature shows that Woowind has a safety-conscious approach. Subsequently, you won’t accidentally overinflate whatever you are working with. As such, you won’t injure yourself or damage the goods. What’s more, the LED display is clear and accurate so it is easy to read and you know the pressure will be spot on.

Plenty of battery life to keep you going.
The large battery lasts a long time.

Is the Woowind AP2-P Pump worth it?

I’ve mentioned my adoration for the Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump. However, this is more versatile. Yes, the BP188 is more stylish, compact, and portable, but its uses are comparatively limited. What I mean by that, is, that the larger battery life makes a huge difference. Not only does it get the job done quicker and more efficiently, but it can charge your phone in an emergency.

I loved its tactile case, simple functionality, multi-faceted approach, and the power of its pump. Moreover, it won’t break the bank, which is amazing for such a feature-heavy accessory. Subsequently, it is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here! Alternatively, you can purchase it from Amazon UK here!


Using a hand pump is all well and good, but they are tiresome, inaccurate, and break easily. Modernise your setup with the affordable and useful Woowind AP2-P Pump. If you want a powerful but compact tyre pump, you need look no further. 

(More information on Woowind can be found here!)

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