TechReview: RiotPWR ESL controller

Review: RiotPWR ESL controller


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I’ve looked at many mobile gaming solutions. From the MOGA 2.0 gaming clip to the Backbone, Nacon MG-X, and finally the Gamesir X2 Lightning. These accessories all have pros and cons, but I’ve been impressed with each one. Today, I get to try out the RiotPWR ESL controller. This version is for iOS with its built-in lightning cable. However, an Android USB-C version is also available.

So, what makes this controller stand out from its peers? Well, first, it uses a traditional approach and doesn’t have a compact design. Second, it is super vivid with its eye-catching livery. Finally, it has no battery and is powered by your mobile device. Each of these elements is about to be dissected, so let’s jump on in.

Let’s get close and personal.

What’s in the box of the RiotPWR ESL controller?

  • The packaging is compact, stylish, and clean. It utilises the Xbox colour scheme and displays plenty of key selling points. What’s more, it is sturdy and the contents are well-protected. Importantly, it is easily recyclable as well.
  • The RiotPWR ESL controller. This Xbox-inspired controller has a lightning charging point, and 3.5mm audio jack, and is well built. Its button placement and features match a modern Xbox controller and are comfortable in your hand. Furthermore, it has a 2-3-foot lightning cable made from a rubberised material.
  • Information card. With scannable codes, you can download the user manual and gaming guide in seconds.

Technical aspects.

CompatabilityApple: iPad and iPhone
ConnectivityNo Bluetooth, lightning wired only
Wire length2-3 feet
AppYes, Ludu Mapp
Audio3.5mm jack
Charging pointPass-through charging via the lightning port.

Wired gaming offers a superior latency-free experience. Thanks to the premium wired lightning connection, you’ll enjoy responsive controls. Alongside this, you needn’t worry about Bluetooth pairing. Accordingly, the plug-and-play feature gets you started immediately.

No battery = no problem! The RiotPWR ESL controller is charged from your mobile device. Fortunately, the low power draw ensures that your battery isn’t compromised during long sessions. However, if you run short on juice, it matters not. Thanks to its pass-through charging, you can power your mobile and keep gaming.

Social gaming and a helpful app.

The ability to stream and upload footage is a must. Thanks to the well-placed share button, this is easily achieved. On top of this, you can download the FOC Ludu Mapp App. This excellent tool helps you with multiple upload functions. Not only is it great for your socials, but it also contains helpful gaming information.

The app highlights over 1000 iOS games and apps that are fully controller compatible. Now, this may seem like a small thing, but it is not. This feature is convenient, easy to use, and is an absolute game-changer.

Sleek and simple design.

Overall impressions.

When taking a controller out with me, it needs to look great and must be robust. Luckily, the RiotPWR ESL controller does just that. With its white, green, and yellow design, and sturdy plastic shell, it is made to last and impress.

The button layout, analogue movement, and weight are on point. It has the same reassuring tactile feel as the official Microsoft accessory and is comfortable to use. However, it has a few design flaws that hold it back.

The Shortcomings!

The removable gaming clip is designed for mobile phones and sits over the controller buttons. Unlike the MOGA 2.0 gaming clip, this one obstructs your view of the pad and impacts the placement of your hands. If a higher position had been used, it would have been more flexible and comfortable.

The cable is ridiculously long and is permanently in view as you look at the screen. Now, I understand it has a multi-faceted approach for use with an iPad and other mobile devices. However, this is still an overkill. With masses of cable dangling next to your mobile screen, it looks unsightly and unprofessional.

This issue could have been easily resolved with a removable cable. This would have ensured it had a tidier finish and it could have been used for both Android and iOS. Moreover, damage to the cable will render the accessory defunct. This is a massive oversight and could cause problems down the line.

Is the RiotPWR ESL controller worth it?

So, we know what the controller is capable of, but is it worth the asking price? At $59.99 it is quite pricey, but it is cheaper than the Backbone, Nacon MG-X, and the Gamesir X2 Lightning. Therefore, it is good value in comparison. Yet, the MOGA 2.0 gaming clip and an official controller cost about the same. Consequently, it is probably a little on the sleep side. However, I still loved it and I recommend that you buy it here! Or, you can purchase it from Amazon!


Though there were some niggles and design flaws, the RiotPWR ESL controller is a good purchase. It is sturdy and looks great. You must also consider its user-friendly and informative app and its excellent sharing features. It sits between the silver and gold awards, but I believe a generous gold award is deserved. If you want a traditional controller exclusively for mobile gaming, then look no further.

(More information on RiotPWR can be found here!)

The RiotPWR ESL controller is awarded a generous Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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