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Review : Tumblebugs


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Originally published by Bigfish Games and Gamehouse and developed by Wildfire Studios. Tumblebugs is a cute Match-3-color puzzle game akin to Zuma and the likes. This review however, will be focused on the recent re-release of the 2018 remastered version of the game that are developed by the same studio and published by Atari.

Despite its dated visuals, Tumblebugs offer a fun experience as a time waster or as a way to keep your mind preoccupied.

Gameplay and Story

Tumblebugs pretty much the same with other games in the Match 3 color genre. It is simple, easy to pick up and play. I had a blast playing this game. There are interesting power-up mechanic to add more complexity and to break the monotonous gameplay like: being able to catapult your orbs, time stop, rewind, multi-colored orbs and so on.

Controls in this game are very simple and easy to understand. You only have to use mouse and left and ring click. That’s it. It feels precise and responsive to control the turret. I have no issues with the controls in any way throughout my playthrough.

Oh yeah, and you can practice your puzzle solving in the main menu too. Yes, the background in the main menu is playable.

The story of Tumblebugs are delivered through 2-3 pages of comic panel style drawing. It pops out every now and then after you completed a set of levels or progress to the next world. It is largely generic and simple story but, I can see that it can keep the younger audience to be more engaged with the game.

Graphic and Sound

While I like the slick and nice bug and backyard oriented art style, Tumblebugs had a incredibly dated graphics and visuals. For some reason, this version of Tumblebugs is still in 4:3 format despite the HD tag and there is no option in the setting to change the resolution. However, despite in 4:3 ratio, the remastered version has improve the framerate and the overall quality of the resolution.

Same with the level design and variety, music in Tumblebugs are limited in variety and pretty repetitive. It is fun and enjoyable to listen. However, since the game had only one music, it became repetitive after a while. Sound effects are forgettable and plain generic. I often just muted out the game music and sound effects altogether and play a podcast in the background.


Though, I can see why people can be driven away by the dated visual and by the repetitive music. Tumblebugs offer a fun, engaging and it is pretty much accessible for all ages gameplay experience. It is a Zuma clone but, this is an easy recommend from me to people that are looking for a simple puzzle game.


+ Fun and addictive gameplay
+ Mouse control feels responsive
+ Artstyle still looks good
- Dated graphics
- Mediocre at best sound effects
- Repetitive background music
(Reviewed on PC)
Farhan Gianis
Farhan Gianis
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Review : TumblebugsPros: <br /> + Fun and addictive gameplay <br /> + Mouse control feels responsive <br /> + Artstyle still looks good <br /> Cons: <br /> - Dated graphics <br /> - Mediocre at best sound effects <br /> - Repetitive background music <br /> (Reviewed on PC)