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News: WRC Generations


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Racing games come and go and have a massive fanbase. Over the years, we’ve seen some game-changing titles as well as some awful unrealistic endeavours. Consequently, it can be tough to turn to lesser-known franchises. When I consider the market-leading options, I look at F1, Gran Turismo, Forza, and, of course, WRC. Each offers a unique experience, but WRC is renowned for its challenging gameplay and ultra-realistic approach. Fans have been waiting for news of a new instalment, and now their wishes have been answered! WRC Generations has finally been announced, so let’s look at what to expect.

WRC Generations has a planned release date of October 13th 2022 for Xbox One, Series X, and PlayStation 4/5. However, PC and Nintendo Switch versions will hit the market at a later date, so fear not. From developers KT Racing and publishers Nacon, this is renowned as one of the best rally franchises ever. Previous iterations such as WRC 9 and WRC 10 were amazing, so I can’t wait to see what this has in store.

Lose yourself in the wintry beauty.
A winter wonderland.

WRC Generations aims to amaze its fanbase. 

First, KT Racing plan to deliver unprecedented levels of realism. Subsequently, gamers will be amazed by the accurate vehicles, detailed player models, and real to life environments. However, this is but one of the planned improvements! The developers have listened to their followers and have incorporated some key suggestions.

Hybrid cars have made a massive impact on the WRC circuit, and you can experience this first-hand. With a combination of electric power and petrol combustion engines, players will encounter a new level of racing. Furthermore, you’ll adjust your style for the authentic audio and advancements these new engines bring.

Previous vehicles can be selected, as well as no fewer than 37 legendary vehicles. Each of these iconic machines has been painstakingly recreated mechanically and visually.

We all know that the cars aren’t the end of the story. No, the tracks and events rule the roost as well. Luckily, there are 13 rallies to attempt, 9 other locations, and 22 countries to explore. What’s more, there are 165 special stages and the brand-new snow-covered Swedish route makes an appearance.

WRC Generations looks to be the most realistic racer yet.
Race through the snow and win the stage.

New solo and online content. 

A new game has to have fresh content. Fortunately, WRC Generations ticks that box as well. It is more polished and detailed than its predecessors, and it offers new online and solo content.

  • Career mode lets players determine their history, managing every aspect of their team and leading them to success. A new way to manage hybrid-powered cars will be included in the skill tree.
  • In League mode, players can take each other on in the same category in daily and weekly challenges in an attempt to rise to the top of the rankings.
  • With the Teams system, players can choose to join a team or create their own, raising the standard high in every challenge.
  • The Livery editor enables players to customise their cars with a variety of finishes and stickers. In WRC Generations, players can now share their creations! 
  • Players can take part in training races on split-screen or online and enjoy the real experience with a friend in Co-driver mode.


WRC Generations will be this genre’s market leader for a long time. With unprecedented levels of realism, plenty of game modes, and some much-loved mechanics, it will be a winner. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on it, so why not add it to your wish list here

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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