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Review: OMNO


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Do you have the time to go on a marvelous adventure, through a world with miraculous creatures and an environment that is nothing less than astonishing? Well then, let me tell you about this interesting game called OMNO. Where your goal is to keep on exploring a stunning world that is around you while solving challenging puzzles within each location.

When I started the game I had no idea what to expect, but just the appearance of the game had me curious to learn more about it! Let me say, I’m grateful to have had a chance to try it and even now I am still continuing to play it! Hands down, this is one of the best adventure and puzzling platformer games I’ve ever tried. It’s nothing short of entertaining and engaging! From the journey through all different locations with snow, sand, clouds or the swampy greenlands, and solving these many mini puzzles and so much to see, it’s hard not to be filled with joy and continuous entertainment.

In addition to what I had figured out by playing OMNO. I must also mention, that there may not have been too many details explained to you in its description or within the game at the start. Just what you unravel and find out is all going to happen as you play the game. Therefore, the only words I can tell you to help you understand the game completley, is to think of it as a world of imagination where you can discover new creatures and solve new ways or paths to your next location, till you reach the end.

One-of-a-Kind Experience!

When you happen to walk through each environment, which appears to be artistically designed, a bit realistic and unique but nonetheless captivating. All the places I’ve ventured through would be sites I’d love to go visit! The sounds with the cool hues of colors, just bring it all together. Including, the creatures that look similar to realistic animals, but unique for the game like these frog-type species called Freglets or even turtles, which are known as Toordles are all so interesting and amazing. You can even imagine this to be a real place, how well it’s designed, characters, and world shapely objects.

So to be frank, the creatures will amaze you! They don’t appear scary and are quite friendly. Everyone you meet is captured in a list with factual details about the creature you come up to for the first time. Some are small and others appear so large and miraculous as well as adoring. There isn’t anything that I’ve played since now that has art so similar or as exquisite as the images that were designed in this game. From the start to the end, it’s free to discover and explore without restrictions or time limits.

However, the game isn’t all about what we see but these puzzles that create an obstacle for us, which when we solve them allow us to get to our next location on our journey. The only way to really do this is to find the three light spheres that are scattered all over each location. The ones you find will be presented on a totem-style pole and light up once collected. When you finally get all three, the next doorway or path is open to allow you to continue on the journey to a new location to solve its mysterious puzzles and new creatures to meet.

On a happy note, it’s a way more calming game, than many. So I don’t find it to be difficult, just one to relax and learn from mistakes as well as what one can do with the surroundings around them. I’m very pleased and grateful this game came into my hands to play on the Nintendo Switch, even better the NSlite. I find it to be the one game to calm my brain after a stressful day. It’s got a hypnotic appeal that turns one’s crazy and fast pace life into a calm, relaxing, and slow-down feeling that makes it hard to put it down.

Obtaining Special Skills

There are a few new skills our character will learn. Each guiding us and helping us get closer to our goals and even learning new information about the light and the world on these cubes needing to be discovered as you visit all over the areas around. Yet, there are these skills you will unlock and just few abilities our character can do at the start. Of course, each helps you get closer to the goal.

However, I have a few negative and a few positive feelings towards these additional skills and abilities. Mostly, everyone we obtain as a new skill or ability can be very helpful. Unfortunatley, some of these abilites we learn or just can do is a little shy of perfection. Therefore, I figure I bright to light the two that makes them a bit displeasing.

The first one is the jumping ability. There are some areas of the game that you need to leap up and you can’t reach it. My mind just travels towards the thought why can’t I get a little extra height when I leap. Its jump is shy of perfection since I only need a little bit extra to this jump that is said to be a larger jump if holding the button, but instead you don’t get that much of a height.

Honestly, it takes forever to reach up on top of rocks, even if the edge we can climb up a bit. Also to tell you it’s not the large rocks, that I can get pass, but it’s even the smallest stones. They are so hard to get on top of. I rather a double jump ability than a long leap up with just holding the button. It would be much nicer.

The second problem I came accross is the second ability, the dashing ability. It’s an excellent way to get to distant ledges and objects. It’s so helpful, a great new skill that makes rushing towards things way easier. The one thing I wish is I could adjust the controlling how to activate the dashing ability, by changing the mapping on the controller. Instead of using the R button to trigger the dash I rather use ZR. I always forget to use the R, as it’s the smallest part of the back buttons on top of the controller, and then ZR is this large and already has my finger ready to press.

Okay, that is more my own personal feeling about the game. Yet it would be nice to have the chance to adjust the buttons or maybe allow them to be the ones to use. However, the control change of the button mapping would be a nice adjustment to the game. Otherwise it’s not bad at all, it’s an excellent game and one I really enjoy playing!

Does This Game Need To End?

I honestly can’t lie, I’m a bit sad cause I don’t want this game to ever end! The game has some allure not just from its entertaining and gorgeous appearance, but to the result of how it relaxes and calms my mind. I just know I wouldn’t mind turning this game on and going on the adventure again and again, even if it’s to hear that calming music that plays in the background and the beautiful surroundings that my little guy is walking, running, jumping, and doing whatever I want in.

So does this game have to end, nope! It can continue as long as I like. It’s one of those games that after you complete it, you can still return and experience it over and over, without it ever getting dull or feeling a shortage of brilliance.


+ Beautiful Graphics
+ Freedom to Explore
+ Artisiticly Designed Characters
+ Challenging Puzzles to Discover

- Unable to Adjust the Controllers Mapping

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Beautiful Graphics<br> + Freedom to Explore<br> + Artisiticly Designed Characters<br> + Challenging Puzzles to Discover<br><br> - Unable to Adjust the Controllers Mapping<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)Review: OMNO