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Review: Heart Chain Kitty


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If cats are something you love and possibly find adorable, well this game may or may not be as easily adored for you like many other games. I don’t know why, but the design is a little creepy to me. Something I wouldn’t feel like the first cat-related game I’d like the play. 

Plus, with the title, Heart Chain Kitty it sounds sort of nice, and yet the game’s story and design just feel a bit uneasy to enjoy. Especially since the game provides not much color as one may read in the description. Only if the creators are trying to imply more about how the world possibly blends colors, most uniquely. In my own opinion, it appears like the design of the world is made of a bit geometric-style gelatin; translucent style landmarks in the worlds that aren’t anymore but greens, reds, yellows, and blues all combined. If you ever took gelatin and mixed the colors, it sort of reminds me of that. None is very smooth in design, a bit fuzzy on the screen, and just not pleasing. 

It’s not only the characters and our cat, Kittey we play as the player that looks so strange with these colors. The worldly objects and landmarks are additionally a bit hard to look at. Not that the ability to move the camera each way is a problem, but the visual scenery gets a bit spooky in some ways. For example, there is one in particular, which I don’t want to be odd, but one cat statue is something I found a bit offensive. If you ever heard the thing about Disney movies appearing to have some obscene images left in the movies or somewhere on even the designed covers of the video, well it sort of made me feel just like that. 

Let’s say if you are lucky to spot this statue, I guess that will be a Willy Wonka moment, finding the golden ticket to see that obscene cat statue at the beginning of the game. I think if this part of the statue was done a bit smoother in design at the tip, this wouldn’t be an issue. Also, it could just be me, and possibly everyone I have shown at home that felt the same about it. 

So sadly, I can’t find myself to give this game’s graphics any high rating as it just is unpleasing. Even though it’s different and unique, it’s just a way too unminded portion of the game. I would rather have a normal color-scape and cute characters verse a gummy bear-style character to play as, with a tail and ears in a translucent gelatin worldly background and scenes.

Oh yes, and I must mention it also includes the designs of these villainous bosses! They are just as undesirable for a design, but it suits the game as the entire graphical appearance looks horrendous. At least there is some more of a battle to fight, than jumping on enemies in the game.

There is one other negative aspect of the game, which I found to be hard to relate to or want to care to read. The conversational pieces that took place in the game tend to not be at all humorous as they might or are meant to come off as. This is just my input, but I felt it to be still missing something to make it a bit more charming and amusing. So right from the beginning to the ending, the entire design and conversation between the cats and characters are just a bit dull and uncomfortable. 

However, if we do move on to the game itself, well this is where it has earned a few positive points! There really is one thing that this game may provide and that is a bit more engaging fun for the player. Just like many platformers, it’s a 3D-style game that you move about searching and transporting around the levels collecting objects and others, and finishing to completion. Again that is if you can get over the ubiquitous style levels and worldly designs. 

Heart Chain Kitty may actually have some way of reminding you of a few classic, retro similar style platformer games, with an adventure to entertain the player. From the many bosses and quests, it can keep you occupied, throwing in some challenging levels to accomplish it can be quite fun. Yet, there always is for me, that one big feature problem, the graphics that make it feel still a bit awkward like something won’t do what it should when being shot from a hoop to another location or if something is missing to get to one place to the next in the game. I don’t know why the game makes me feel this way, but it oddly does supply the connection and I have yet to feel stuck.

I sometimes feel like the only good thing is that you have a world to adventure through, like any typical platformer. Plus, the quests to entertain you and keep you motivated to play. Oh yes, and maybe the simple controlling button that was for the Xbox One is something to be pleased about. Other than that, the entire design really wrecks the game for me. I would rather have it in a standard design, not evening needing to be 3D. A standard appearance like 2D or a simple pixelated design would be perfect! Oh and maybe then this color-scape style world may be more appropriate and somewhat pleasant.

Nevertheless, the main purpose and goal of the game aren’t too difficult. Solving quests that are being asked, collecting items, and of course completing the main adventure of finding his family. It can be a game that may please those who can accept the quests, but it isn’t something that I can find myself playing so very often.


+ Easy Character Controlling
- Unpleasent Color Scape
- Blurry Graphics
- Questionable Landmarks

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Easy Character Controlling<br> - Unpleasent Color Scape<br> - Blurry Graphics<br> - Questionable Landmarks<br> <br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)Review: Heart Chain Kitty