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Review: Overboard!


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I never played many games like this one, but it’s not too bad! Right away, Overboard reminded me of the start of the Titanic. How the big ship is in traveling in a different period. However, the story is totally different. Plus, very obviously not related. Since the conflict or problem, which must be resolved on the ship. The missing guy who our character caused in the middle of the night. Throwing off, in the open sea Malcome, a guy we’ve been traveling with.

Of course, what really appealed to me is that this game isn’t quite like any other I’ve played. It is a fast-paced game but can be played slowly. However, it is not too difficult to play it for under an hour. Also, it can be played a few other times and played a bit differently. Depending on the path we decided as lady Veronica. Our choice, which it’s in a multiple-choice to decide, which in turn forms the story and can sort of be very exciting to see the outcome! I mean, the possibilities there are so many! The results can either hurt or help. Nevertheless, it is a game that provides something unique, being the actual culprit!

No, it’s not anyone else, but the person, Veronica whom you are playing as. The story can be changed by the selection of words you choose. Not all are words to use for the speech you’ll be carrying on, but also the location or action Veronica will take. It’s not difficult, but easy. Something I feel is great to just entertain one for a moment, less than an hour depending on how fast you want to play. However, the many ways one can choose what goes on could make this game a bit more interesting and extended in time.

I didn’t find myself as excited as many other games would make me. It’s quick, that is true and I probably mentioned that so much already. However, what really bothers me, is that even if it might provide a variety of stories to see happen and play through. Yet it doesn’t show much visual appeal. I am speaking more about the story in general and the choices you select. There won’t be too much, but one similar screen that everything you do occurs on.

So as you decide and do certain types of actions, nothing really is shown. Honestly, I wish there was more to see. Even just to bring some more thrilling feeling to capture’s one attention. I know i’s a simple and fast game, but if the classic music playing in the background is all that it really has to hold one’s attention, it would be nice to add more visual appeal. Again, this is all my own opinion, so it’s not that everyone will feel the same. I just always get captivated by the art and visual appeal of a story.

Some changes that I feel would be a bit better are to see the places we are searching, heading towards, and even located while on the ship. It may just make for a great visual appeal, knowing how we are performing each task and what is around us while doing so. Oh well, it’s still quite interesting. Especially on the positive side of things. One good edition is that this game is not super easy as you can choose freely and expect nothing to challenge your choice. Instead, the game does provide a time to make you think about what you are choosing, as it will cause the clock to move forward and cause you to lose time. The time you need to fix it so that no one is wise to think you’ve got rid of Malcolm. As Veronica our character, we must work a plan towards setting up someone else, but the addition of a time limit really makes it better! So it’s gonna require planning when playing the story and deciding what to do next. No one wants to end up failing and being caught as a criminal, we know we are!

Lastly, I’d like to say that I’m in between on my opinion of this game. It’s a change in gameplay, just wish it was a bit more exciting, but I guess in a way I can also suggest it reminding me of Clue, the board game. Yet, we know that we are the killer. I guess at the end of it all, it is an original style game, but I do wish that the visual appeal.


+ Original Game and Story
+ Exciting Twist of Being the Murder
+ Perfect Music and Style Vibe of the 1930s
- Not Much Visiual Appeal
- Short Gameplay

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Overboard!+ Original Game and Story<br> + Exciting Twist of Being the Murder<br> + Perfect Music and Style Vibe of the 1930s<br> - Not Much Visiual Appeal<br> - Short Gameplay<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)