TechHow Traditional Games Have Adapted With Tech

How Traditional Games Have Adapted With Tech


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There are only several things you can be sure of in life, and one of them is that technology will continue to advance all the time. Technology is arguably the one thing that can positively impact multiple areas as it progresses, and one sector where its presence is felt the most is gaming. Gaming had advanced alongside tech at breakneck speed, and even traditional games have adapted.

Right now, gaming is in a fantastic place. Some of the content released onto console, PC, and other devices is out of this world visually, and the gameplay is right up there. But, then, when you bring the multiplayer aspect into the equation, you could suggest that gaming has never been better. And a lot of this is down to technology advancing remarkably fast.

But, while developers are keen to produce new content that takes advantage of all the tech advancements available, we also see traditional games adapt to what’s out there. Yes, new and fresh is exciting, and it will always be the number one choice for the majority of gamers. However, sometimes, a dose of nostalgia is more than welcome, and it can be delivered with modern twists.

One of the first examples of traditional games adapting to tech and becoming a modern version of itself is content that started on arcade floors around the world. Games such as Pac Man, Tetris and Streetfighter are all excellent in their own right and in their original guises, but they have adapted to stay relevant over the years. There has been an embracing of the new, and with modern twists applied, they have never been more popular.

Using Pac Man as an example, the game’s original release was in 1980, which is over forty years ago. And when you consider the latest Pac Man release was April 2021, you can see how essential adapting to advancements in technology has been for this award-winning game series. Of course, Pac Man isn’t alone in this, either, as multiple old school video games have travelled this path.

It’s not just video games that this applies to from the traditional games category. Board games, which were hugely popular decades ago, have also embraced technology to become relevant and popular in different guises. You can look at games such as chess, counters and battleships, as a trio of traditional offline titles that are now very much online across multiple disciplines.

The rise of Monopoly is arguably the most impressive, however. It’s undoubtedly one of, if not the most popular board game of all time. And, it’s gone from this setting to console, handheld devices, mobile, and as far as appearing at online casinos as Monopoly Live created by Evolution Gaming, where players can enjoy an interactive experience and win money.

None of the above would be possible if traditional hadn’t adapted to and worked with the latest technology. Games such as Monopoly and others would have remained as offline games that, over time, found themselves stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten about. So thankfully, those who make the games and developers decided to ensure this would never be the case.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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