GamingReview: Indigo 7 Quest for love

Review: Indigo 7 Quest for love


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Indigo 7 Quest for love is a competitive and challenging game, which can be played by one player or four others through the multiplayer option. However, it can easily be played against the CPU as well. It’s also an original-style puzzle game that is quite challenging and played fast. It’s not super hard to learn or figure out how to play. So if you are looking for a game that is easy to get a hang of right from the start, this game can provide that request. However, it’s not going to be super easy to win, as this game really puts your mind to work requiring you to concentrate and strategize what color to play next.

The other thing that is quite different and adorable about this game is that its story is done in a comic style and the characters are cartoon in style. It sort of makes it a very interesting and pleasing visual design for all ages. In addition to the game’s design, there is that fully energetic style of music that plays in the background. Honestly, it really fits the story as it’s like these characters are in a band and the sound that you hear is upbeat and even makes one feel a bit pumped to go and take on a puzzle challenge.

From my first experience, starting with just turning on the game. I felt a bit ready to play by the music and couldn’t wait to see what this game had to offer. I was intrigued by the options and many other modes that can be played within each choice. I started with the adventure game, which is honestly the smart option when starting this game for the first time. Since in the adventure mode you will learn how to play the game through the tutorial stage. Unlike many, this tutorial stage is quite quick and you will pick up the game fast. Plus, get to meet each of the characters such as the 4 main ones, which are Nathan, Amelia, Guille, and Raven. They are the first players you can even choose in the multiplayer or single-player verse game.

What the puzzle is like when you actually play it. The design may remind you of Tetris in a rectangular-shaped box. Now for the puzzle, it will have you changing the color of a grey hexagon style piece, which has no color like the rest of the pieces in the puzzle. It just has this cute smiley face, that is related to the character you are playing. It normally is positioned in the lower left-hand corner, but in some games, it will or can be on another side of the box. So while playing the tutorial stage and first game against another in the adventure stage, you’ll start with 4 colors to choose from for the grey smile face, hexagon shape. The colors are either red, yellow, green, or orange and each time you choose a color it chains or connects the pieces together.

Basically, you keep changing between the 4 different colors, until you completely change each colorfully to just one color. So the board can only be cleared when you finally have the entire board in one color. However, there are some difficulties, like energy may run out and you can play anymore, allowing the other challenger a chance to win. You don’t change the colors to connect fast enough and the other player wins.

Also, you can be too slow and time runs out. It really is a bit challenging even if it’s easy to play, so don’t feel that you won’t be challenged, because there are so many ways to play and so much going on that you won’t always win the game. I found this out after playing my first challenger, a skeleton-style Grim Reaper. I did the game quickly and actually thought I was winning but I lost. There is so much you really need to keep an eye on and so much that can go wrong. The score can play a big part in winning, even if you think you’re doing quite well during the gameplay itself.

Again, those can be a big factor and one other, which I should tell you about the adventure story mode gameplay. If you are going through each level of the adventure, there are stars you would want to earn to move on to the next one. Each will have a few challenges and I guess you can call them missions to accomplish to get these stars. They make the game a bit more entertaining while playing. So if you don’t win it could be because you didn’t earn the stars you needed and have to replay the level again. However, if you achieve the amount needed, you can move on and try the next challenging puzzle.

The colors and style of the puzzles are always different, just like the missions or challenges you need to complete. So be prepared to have something exciting to play as there are many unique and original puzzles to enjoy. Plus, an adorable comic story to watch after each completed stage.

In conclusion, this is an excellent game. Not super easy or super hard, but just right! It’s got a cute and unique styled story, with a character that has their own personality and is playable options. Plus, many more fun characters and levels to unlock. Making this game is extremely fun to play and reveals something new as you move along each challenging level!


+ Many Challenging Puzzles
+ Original Puzzle Game
+ Cute Comic Style Story
+ Full of Bright and Colorful Graphics
+ Brilliant Background Music
+ Competitve Multiplayer Gameplay

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Many Challenging Puzzles<br> + Original Puzzle Game<br> + Cute Comic Style Story<br> + Full of Bright and Colorful Graphics <br> + Brilliant Background Music<br> + Competitve Multiplayer Gameplay <br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)Review: Indigo 7 Quest for love