Christmas 2021Review: Yoto Player

Review: Yoto Player


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With Christmas not that far away, we take a look at the Yoto Player.

Yoto Player is a carefully connected speaker – it has the smarts of a connected device, but all the content is safe, since the Yoto Card Store has been built for kids from the ground up.

With Yoto Player, cards are just one way to play. Yoto has a whole ecosystem of features, a lot which you can access for free!

The Yoto App helps get your Player online so it can play cards. Then use it to manage settings on the Player and see and play all your cards. 

A second adult can pair to the same Player, to create a family group.

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the Yoto Player, a Welcome Card, instructions and a charging dock.

A Closer Look

Setting it Up

Setting up the Yoto Player was very easy – it’s all done via the app!

Once it’s all set up it’s ready to be used.

There are various settings that can be controlled from the app, including the cards and content.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, setting up the Yoto Player was very quick and easy. Download the app to your smartphone, connect up the Yoto Player to power and then follow the steps in the app – simple!

Once you pick a card to listen to you just slide it into the player and it adds it to your collection – you can then use the app as well.

Yoto’s parental app allows you to hold a digital copy of all your physical content cards on your phone, so you’ll never be without your complete Yoto library. Audio can then either be played through a Yoto Player linked to the parental app, with no need to insert your physical content card, or directly from the phone itself.

The app also gives parents the power to manage settings and content behind the scenes. Parents can control daytime and night-time features separately, with the option to change the timings of these to suit your child’s routine. The Yoto Player has a clock face that will show a sun during the day, and a moon during the night, perfect for helping with sleep training!

There is also free daily content on Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily so kids can enjoy a world of safe, fresh and interactive fun, readily available at their fingertips.

The night light function of the Yoto Player can be customised via the app, with a range of colours to choose from, the light can be set to change colour, or turn from off to on between day and night.

The Yoto Player is a great addition to any child’s room – they get to listen to whatever stories and songs they choose and they get to see special images on the side of the player. Each story card is the size of a credit card and has a picture on so that your child can easily identify what story they want to listen to, then only need to slot the card in to start.

Controlling the volume and which chapter is very easy on the player, and can also be done on the app too.

With Christmas coming up this is definitely something to seriously look at as it’s not just a story box! There are so many cards available already with more being released all the time, and you can even record your own for that really personal touch.

The Yoto Player is available now priced around £79.99 and the Yoto Cards start from around £4.99.

You can learn more from the Yoto website.

Disclaimer: The Yoto Player was sent to us for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer.

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