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Review: My Friend Peppa Pig


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If you are fortunate enough to have little people in your life, you’ll know the love and hate I feel for kids’ TV programmes. I’d like to say they improve as they age, but sadly they do not. However, no matter your disdain towards them (the programmes, not the children), you have to suck it up and grin and bear it. One such program that has been banned in my house many times is Peppa Pig. Yet, when My Friend Peppa Pig was released, I cracked and let the kids go wild.

Developed by Petoons Studio and published by Outright Games, this is a colourful but friendly adventure title. Taking in all the wonderful sights of Peppa’s world, My Friend Peppa Pig allows your little ones to spend time with the Pig family while completing simple tasks and jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

Can you help Daddy Pig with the salad?

My Friend Peppa Pig captures the essence of the TV series perfectly.

My kids adored every painful moment of My Friend Peppa Pig! They giggled as they helped George save Mr Dinosaur “Roarrrrr” and were hooked when driving the car, running in sports day, and helping Daddy Pig find his glasses. It was lovely to see them interacting with the characters while enjoying the ultra-simple approach from the developers.

Every element of the game is simplified for a younger audience. As an adult, it was sadly mind-numbing, by My Friend Peppa Pig isn’t aimed at adults, so this matters not. Moreover, this basic approach allows older siblings to help their younger counterparts enjoy the action with no parental guidance. Subsequently, it’s the perfect distraction tool if that’s your thing. 

Take a ride to the forest.

A variety of locations and a full cast of characters. 

Where My Friend Peppa Pig excels is its vast choice of familiar locations to explore. You’ll visit the playgroup, museum, Windy Castle, Snowy mountain, and more. Each has a light educational undertone mixed with the normal Peppa charm. The kids beamed as they took a trip to the moon, saw a dinosaur skeleton, peered through a telescope, enjoyed the snowy peaks, and so on. It was great to see a developer using a variety of key areas to increase longevity. It would have been easy to create a small and heartless title filled with microtransactions. Fortunately, this never happened and your children can enjoy a safe and fun environment.

Alongside this, it was pleasant to encounter the full cast of characters. The over the top personalities came to life as they asked for help with tasks or sneakily progressed the story. Its similarities to the TV program were excellent and its pace, difficulty, and levels of interaction were perfectly balanced for a younger audience. 

My Friend Peppa Pig is smooth and colourful. 

Thanks to the well-established artwork, My Friend Peppa Pig was always going to be great to look at. Its familiar style and colourful world captured my kid’s attention immediately, and they were hooked from the start. I was, however, surprised by how smoothly it ran. With minimal loading times between scenes and the characters movements smooth and easy to observe, it was a pleasure to watch. 

I’m no Peppa Pig aficionado, but every character sounded like they do on the TV program. The cheeky one-liners and loud audio are all reminiscent of the classic cartoon and fans will love it. The audio was excellent, mostly, though there were moments of awkward silence. Your character is addressed regularly, but it has no name and doesn’t talk. They constantly refer to your avatar as ‘you’, which was annoying and the gaps in the dialogue were odd. These issues could easily have been resolved with the choice of preset names and some basic sound clips. If these ideas were implemented, it would polish the end product considerably.

Create the Peppa character of your dreams.

Just press the ‘A’ button. 

There is no use in creating a highly complex title that kids can’t play, so I’m glad the controls were simple. Every action requires the ‘A’ button to be pressed and movement is completed with the left thumbstick. Fortunately, this makes the game extremely accessible and though very young players may struggle, older siblings will be able to help with little effort or bickering.

As an adult watching on, I could have happily switched it off at any point. However, the kids would have played it for hours if allowed. Thanks to its array of tasks and locations, My Friend Peppa Pig offers plenty to entertain younger players. Alongside the content-packed action, you can customise your avatar with a small selection of clothing, animal bodies, and accessories. It was great fun creating the Peppa character of their dreams and three save slots allowed my kids to each enjoy a unique adventure.

My Friend Peppa Pig is a firm favourite with the kids. 

My Friend Peppa Pig isn’t going to be among many gamers to play, list! Yet, if you have youngsters in your life, you need it on your console. Its excellent story, colourful world, amusing script, and simple adventures are perfect for kids. It’ll keep them occupied for hours as they tour the vivid and vibrant land where Peppa resides. My kids loved it, so I recommend you to buy it here! Take an action-packed adventure with Peppa Pig and all her friends. Enjoy every activity and help out whenever the opportunity arises.

My video review with footage captured from my Xbox Series X, enjoy!


My Friend Peppa Pig is a colourful and simple adventure title aimed at a younger audience. You must spend your time with the Pig family as you tour Peppa's world. Help with little tasks and take in the iconic sights from the TV series.

+ Excellent and familiar graphics.
+ Faithful audio.
+ Simple controls.
+ Plenty of content.
+ My kids adored it.
- It's mind-numbing for adults.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
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