GamingReview: Godstrike

Review: Godstrike

A chaotic bullet hell…from hell!


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Godstrike is a 3D boss rush Bullet Hell based on time. This means that you have to face every Boss and defeat them before your time runs out! Time is money and health, so buying abilities or being damaged will reduce your remaining combat time. You better watch out!


As a gamer I would love to say that I have played many twin stick shooters and boss rush games but unfortunately I haven’t. The closest experience I have is playing similar games such as space invaders and dead ops arcade. I can already tell what you’re thinking… and yes I was not prepared for Godstrike.

The aim of Godstrike is very simple, using your twin sticks you must fight against a number of different bosses, each with their own set of skills and patterns. As with other similar games you can expect to be constantly on the move and dodging a massive number of attacks. Godstrike has one major standout difference to other games of the genre… time. Before fighting a boss you are given a certain amount of time in which to emerge victorious. If the player does not defeat the boss within the given time then they are given one last attack and after that it’s game over. Each time the player is hit by an enemy attack, the timer goes down so it is vital to plan your moves wisely. That’s not the only thing that affects time though, players will also have to decide whether or not they want to give in to the temptation of buying skills. That’s right, even buying skills reduces your time and when I say every second counts, it really does count, so be wise with all of your choices.

Although Godstrikes gameplay is very addictive and action packed, I found myself becoming disengaged due to the difficulty issues. I understand just as much as any other gamer that games need to be a challenge to give the player something to work towards and encourage them to try and try again, but with Godstrike I found the difficulty to be too much. I think this issue is mostly due to the unique time feature, which on paper is a brilliant and unique idea but in practice I think it fails to deliver in the way that the developers intended. Time is very constrained and after many attempts I still found myself needing at least an extra minute to defeat many of the bosses. Receiving damage as well as buying skills reduces your total time and I found myself completely avoiding these helpful skills knowing that I would struggle with the time penalty. The concept of ‘every second counts’ is unique but Godstrike should of implemented this is a more forgiving way rather than punishing the player to the point where completing some bosses In the given time is just unrealistic.

Godstrike has a very simplistic art style which is usually effective but it’s not without its issues. The simplistic art style helps when the screen is being bombarded by attacks and ensures that it doesn’t become too cluttered, however I find that the player controlled character is far too small and at times I even found it difficult to see where my character was amongst all of the mayhem. This can be frustrating when you have mere millimetre gaps in which you can dodge incoming attacks and you’re struggling to see exactly where you are at all times.

Another one of Godstrikes shortcomings is with its story. When first loading up the game the player is given great detail about how Yissa (playable character) put on the mask of Talaal to defeat the god-like Heralds who are causing the decay of their world, Eonora. This sets some great lore and backstory right out of the gate but beyond that point the story is rarely mentioned again apart from a few quotes between boss battles. It would of been interesting for Godstrike to capitalise on this story a bit more as it’s mostly lost and forgotten about in the chaos.

As with the story, the soundtrack is almost non existent. It’s very soft and easily lost amongst the chaotic battles and ever present projectiles. These intense battles could have been elevated and made all the more satisfying with a bold soundtrack to match but unfortunately fails to deliver.

I’m summary Godstrike is an addictive and chaotic experience that is sure to delight fans of the twin stick boss rush genre however it is let down by its difficulty and a story and soundtrack that are lost amongst all the mayhem.


+ Addictive Gameplay
+ Unique time limit feature
- Difficulty is more frustrating than challenging
- Story and soundtrack is lost amongst all the chaos

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch OLED, also available on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox)
Derren Bennett
Derren Bennett
I’m Derren, 25 and ever since I was young I was obsessed with everything movie, tech and gaming related. I’m more than happy to accept the title of nerd! I’m also a very opinionated person and I hope that my writing will be fun and engaging for readers but most importantly it will be real and honest.

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Review: Godstrike+ Addictive Gameplay <br/> + Unique time limit feature <br/> - Difficulty is more frustrating than challenging <br/> - Story and soundtrack is lost amongst all the chaos <br/> <br/> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch OLED, also available on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox)