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Review: A Day Without Me


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Humans love to be social, and when they are isolated, their minds play tricks on them. Imagine waking one day to find your world is turned upside down! You are alone, there is destruction at every corner, and no one can tell you what has happened. A Day Without Me lets you experience this with its dark and sinister theme.

Developed by Gamecom Team and published by ChiliDog Interactive, this is a twisted puzzle-adventure title. With a dark and horrendous plot, you’ll spend your time confused and scared to continue your journey. Yet, somehow you’ll delve deeper into its murky and sinister plot.

Red means danger!

A Day Without Me is shrouded in mystery! 

I spent much of my time scratching my head while running around this small town. A Day Without Me offers little information regarding its plot, and this becomes no clearer at the end. The shrouded mystery is made up of many puzzles that force you to explore the town. You’ll search for clues, discover grisly sights, but the more you find, the muddier the water becomes. 

The gameplay revolves around demonic beings, voices in your head, and death. Burning and crashed vehicles litter the streets and blood is splattered as far as the eye can see. Subsequently, it’s a gruesome experience that blends fantasy with mental health problems. The protagonist is haunted by apparitions and hissing voices, and this makes for an extremely uncomfortable experience. It’s oddly addictive in a macabre way and you’ll play it to clarify what has happened.

Hopscotch of doom.

Confusing puzzles and plenty of deaths.

Gamecom Team wanted their title to be super confusing, and they succeeded. With limited guidance and cryptic clues, you’ll scramble around for answers to the many puzzles. You must play hopscotch, have fun in a park, activate switches, run from a boulder, burn graves, and more. Solving each problem sends you deeper into the madness that is A Day Without Me, and things quickly spiral out of control. 

Gentle souls and those with a weak disposition may find the gameplay very uncomfortable. With images of death and suicide intertwined within the action, it’s not the most pleasant title. Yet, these are key components that support this bizarre theme. As more layers are added, you’ll try to piece together the game’s meaning. However, its complexities and odd elements create a surreal experience.

A Day Without Me is dated and rough around the edges. 

The pastel tones and bloody imagery contain enough detail to create an interesting world to explore. However, its dated style won’t wow many gamers. It reminded me of a bizarre-looking Untitled Goose Game, but with considerably more gore. The demonic scenes are shown with consistent blood-red colour and this enhances the feeling of danger. The cold blues and soft greens highlight the protagonists’ isolation and this matches bits of the odd theme. 

Silence and the sound of nature are combined to increase the feeling of loneliness. The lack of noise and music is deafening, and the gameplay is filled with tension because of it. The fleeting moments of music are fantastic as they add drama and energy to an otherwise slow-paced title.

Stay away from the fire!

The controls are the least of your concerns. 

A Day Without Me has many confusing elements, but fortunately, the controls aren’t one of them. With well-labelled interactive items, you’ll easily pick up objects and move around the world. The buttons are responsive and the slow gameplay makes completing each task a cinch. 

Sadly, however, where this is lacking is its replay value. Once you work through its short story, there is little reason to return. There are collectables to find, but these add nothing to the game, nor were they a challenge to locate. You’ll need around one to two hours to complete this, and once finished, you won’t return for more. 

A Day Without Me: bizarre, surreal and very confusing!

I’m still reeling from the bizarre story and weird images contained within A Day Without Me. With no closure, I’m unsure whether I’ve interpreted the plot correctly and this annoys me. I did, however, enjoy its puzzles and gruesome ways and recommend you to buy it here! Solve the puzzles, complete your journey, and discover the surrounding mystery, perhaps!

My review with footage captured from my Xbox Series X, enjoy!


A Day Without Me is a dark and sinister bizarre puzzle-adventure title. With haunting images of death, this may be too much for some. Excellent cryptic puzzles stand between you and the truth. However, are you sure you want to know the truth?

+ A creepy and surreal tale.
+ Excellent use of silence.
+ Cryptic puzzles.
+ Easy controls.
- Dark imagery won't be for everyone.
- No replay value.
- No closure.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation)
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