Christmas 2021Review: Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock

Review: Wake’n’Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock


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Here is our review of the Wake’n’Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock from Geemarc.


  • Extra loud alarm (95dB spl at 1 meter)
  • Red extra bright flash (12 LEDs)
  • Time format : 12/24 hours
  • Programmable alarm
  • Duration of alarm : up to 1 hour
  • From 5 to 60 minutes snooze
  • 5 alarm settings :
  • Off
  • Vibrator
  • Ringer + Vibrator
  • Vibrator + Flash
  • Ringer + Vibrator + Flash
  • Lamp function (red light)
  • Large red display
  • Dimmer switch (Low/Mid/High)
  • Volume and tone control (3 levels)
  • Vibrator control (2 levels)
  • USB charging for smart phones and other electronics

What’s in the box?

The box contains the clock, the shaker, a manual and a power supply.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

When you first see this clock you think its a bit of a novelty, but it’s much more than that. A lot of people do have trouble waking up in the morning, no matter how many alarms they have set. And for a phone alarm or normal alarm clock you could probably sleep through it, even if it was going for a while.

This is where the Wake’n’Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock comes into play. Once set and when the alarm goes off there are four alarm modes to choose from.

You can have just the shaker going off – this would be located under your pillow so that the shaking should wake you up – this should also mean that your partner won’t be disturbed.

You could also have the shaker and sounds go off, or the sounds and a strobe light, or for those who really think they need it, the shaker, the sounds and the strobe light. If this last option doesn’t wake you then nothing will!

Setting up the alarm and the snooze duration is very simple and you can adjust various other settings as needed.

You can also choose to charge your mobile phone from the USB port on the back of the clock, which is very useful.

If you need to really ensure that you wake up and get up when your alarm goes off and your current alarm isn’t cutting it, then take a look at the Wake’n’Shake Dynamite Alarm because you won’t sleep through that!

The Wake’n’Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock from Geemarc is available now priced from around £45.99.

You can learn more from the Geemarc website.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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