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Review: Dr Oil

No one likes seagulls.

Review: Alexio

Looks can be deceiving.

Review: Pukan Bye-Bye!

Death is a certainty.

Review: Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family

Could you turn down the gangster life?

Review: Whiskey Mafia: Frank’s Story

The life of crime is repetitive and doesn't pay.

Review: A Day Without Me

I'm still confused!

Review: Scrap Garden

Become a hero and save the day.

Review: Crossbow Crusade

Death is only one bolt away.

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Review: Garfield Lasagna Party

https://youtu.be/cNkNnvl6xx8 Growing up, I loved Garfield. This grumpy yet loveable ginger puss made me chuckle repeatedly. Whether it was a comic strip, annual, cartoon, or film, I...

Review: Apico