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How to Customize Your Car


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Having a car can provide a great sense of freedom. It allows you to get around at times that suit your schedule, rather than relying on the routines of public transport. You can pick up friends and go out for the day to places further afield or drive to a remote place to enjoy a tranquil weekend break when you need a relaxing break. It even makes it easier to do your grocery shopping each week. Yes, having a car is great, but it’s also nice to make it feel like the vehicle is truly yours, rather than just another model that has been manufactured in a giant workshop somewhere. If you want to give your car a more personal touch, here are a few ways you can customize it.

Rear-view Mirror Accessories

You mustn’t have too many things hanging off your rear-view mirror, as this can be distracting or obstruct your view. However, having some nice car air freshener hanging from there will not only make it smell great, but you can get some that have aesthetically pleasing designs as well. Other people choose to hang good luck charms on their rear-view mirrors or other decorative items.

Body Modifications

If the first suggestions aren’t enough for you, perhaps making some more significant changes is what you’re looking for? You can always make some modifications to the body of your car, such as a new paint job if you don’t like the color or would like to have a pattern painted on your car. You may want to change the glass in the door windows to tinted glass for more privacy if your car doesn’t have this already. You could even give your car a little lift if you find it easier to drive with a view from higher up or that it’s easier to get in and out of the car this way. Look at this Subaru Outback lift kit to see an example of the difference this modification can make.

New Upholstery

If you’re happy with the exterior of your car but would like the interior to be more your style, you can always update the upholstery. You could look at getting leather seats installed if this is a look that you like or changing the color of the fabric. The carpets and interior trim can also be replaced if you think they are looking shabby or again would prefer a different color. This can help to make your car feel more comfortable and is a great way to put your spin on it.

Personalized License Plates

This is possibly the most common way that people choose to customize their car because it is one of the most affordable changes that you can make. Whether you want to include your initials, a nickname, or make sure your lucky number appears on your license plate, having yours personalized is a great way to make your mark. 

If you love your car but would like it to suit your style a little bit more, consider the suggestions above on how you can customize it and choose one or two options that work for you.

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Andrew Edney
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