GamingReview: Venom Gaming - PS5 Single Charging Station

Review: Venom Gaming – PS5 Single Charging Station


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I remember being all excited on the 19th November 2020, the UK Launch Day for the PlayStation 5 and all set for one of the many retailers to have stock to place my order so I could go collect my shiny new PS5 that same day. Oh, how I like to dream because what actually happened was that just like the millions of other hopeful gamers believing they could purchase the console on launch, I failed to actually find one. Now I would not find one until the end of January 2021 but what something I was able to obtain on launch day was VENOM Gaming’s Single Docking Charging Station for the PS5 Dualsense controller. So impressed was I with the first one, and less impressed with the battery life of the Dualsense controller itself, I found myself with a second Dualsense controller and with a busy streaming and gameplaying schedule for my PS5, I found myself needing to keep both PS5 controllers fully charged and ready to go in case I needed to switch between the two. The solution of course was to buy a second Single Docking Station and well, I thought it was time to share just how amazing this must have charging solution device really is.

What is in the Box:

1 X Controller Docking Station
• 1 X Charging Dongle
• 2 metre Type C USB Braided Cable

The beauty of this charging solution really is in the simplicity of it, with the Charging dongle connecting to the USB C port on the Dualsense controller itself and a docking station that the controller will sit on allowing it to charge via the charging dongle. The Docking station is then connected via the 2M Type C Braided Cable, a very lovely blue braid as well which along with the white colour of the docking station and charging dongle, really suit the look of the PS5 console itself.

Then when connected to a USB source, in my case utilising one of the USB ports on the back of my PS5, all you simply do is seat your controller with the charging dongle attached and it will charge both with the console powered on or in standby mode. As the controller charges, the LED indicator will show Red to indicate it is charging and the Dualsense controller will glow orange around the touch pad just as it would if directly connected with a charging USB cable. The docking station also has a rather handy extra USB post on the back which I have used to power this new second dock from the first dock.

VENOM also does a two controller docking station with the same aesthetic as the single docking station however for my setup and as you can see from the images above, my layout suits having two controllers on two single docking stations either side of my TV centre and I actually quite like how it looks with them, because not only are they terrific charging stations, they look amazing as they match the design look of the PS5 console itself as well as serving as nice controller stands as well so they are neatly put away after every gaming session and easily found when I return. The dongle fits nicely onto the controller and is in no way cumbersome unlike last generation charging solutions for the PS4 controller I found at the time, it does not interfere with how you hold the controller, nor does it add any weight whilst using the controller.

This has easily been one of the best purchases for my PS5 since…well…buying the console itself. Being both affordable and offering a charging solution for any gaming you may have, the VENOM Single Charging Docking Station is a must have and if you have two controllers and a layout that allows it, the dual charging station is also a sensible purchase especially when you consider the very acceptable and affordable £12.99 for the Single Docking Station at most retailers and the Dual Docking Station for £14.99 at most retailers.

You can learn more from the Venom Gaming Website

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