GamingReview: Ys Origin

Review: Ys Origin


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Ys Origin is an A-JRPG and a prequel to the Ys series with a different flavor from the other games. As a challenging dungeon crawler, Ys Origin is an action-packed game that is sure to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for any RPG fan.

Ys Origin was originally released in 2006 for PC in Japan, while the English version launched in 2012. It was then later released for the Nintendo Switch in October 2020. Almost 15 years later, this game may look a bit dated on the Switch, but I personally love the visual charms of older games.


As a prequel, this is the first game in the Ys series where the protagonist is not Adol Christin. This came as a bit of a surprise, but it was refreshing to explore new characters.

Particularly in Ys Origin, you can either play as the Axe-wielding, Yunica or the magical prodigy, Hugo. In addition, each character has their own unique fighting style, but personally, I preferred Yunica’s combat style over Hugo’s. Even though the stories for each character diverge, there is a lot of repetition, but with an unlockable character and the additional game modes, this gives the game a fair chunk of replay value.

Ys Origin mainly takes place in Devil’s Tower, where the protagonist must fight their way through hoards of monsters and save the twin Goddesses. There are several different environments that present an array of obstacles as you make your way through the tower. And Ys Origin does a great job providing a variety of enemies with different attack patterns, which makes for an enjoyable battle experience. The boss battles were also pretty challenging without ever feeling overly frustrating.

Unlike the engaging gameplay, the story felt very lackluster and was pretty repetitive. The dialogue was also predictable and a bit cliché. Overall, it felt like the gameplay was prioritized over the story, which felt strange for a game that is focused on the backstory of the main series.

Additionally, as someone who loves game exploration, I felt like Ys Origin was lacking in this aspect. Even with the few available treasure chests, they were too easy to find and didn’t feel very rewarding. If the game utilized the Mask of Eyes more, which allows you to see hidden passages and objects, I think it would make for an even more enjoyable experience.


  • Engaging gameplay, an array of enemies, & challenging boss battles
  • Affordable price for a JRPG at only $20
  • Great replay value with the additional characters & game modes


  • Can’t pause during boss fights – which means you can’t heal either
  • Dull plot & dialogue
  • Repetitive


Overall, Ys Origin is absolutely worth checking out for any RPG fan. It takes about 10 hours to complete each character’s route, and with the additional game modes, Ys Origin clocks in to be more than 30 hours of gameplay – not bad for a $20 game. If you’re into dungeon crawlers or want to try out the series for an affordable price, I highly recommend this action-packed game.

Entertainment: 8/10

Replay value: 8/10

Graphics: 7/10

Sound: 7/10

Kid Friendly: No (Blood level option available)

Platform:Nintendo Switch
Released:October 01, 2020


+ Affordable JRPG
+ Engaging gameplay
+ Great replay value
- Repetitive
- Lackluster plot & dialogue

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
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