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Review: Poison Control


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Poison Control starts off with a meeting in the not so pleasant sounding Hell Realm. You end becoming soul mates with Poisonette. The two of you working together start purifying the Hell Realm where the goal is to try to achieve enough purification so you can enter the Heavenly Realm. Unfortunately you don’t want to go to the Heavenly Realm, you’d rather stay in the Mortal Realm however Poisonette has other ideas.

Poison Control plays like a 3rd Person Action Adventure game, your character/characters have to run around various levels and clear up the poison to progress. In the Hell Realm poison oozes out of the toxic emotions of the girls who fall there, they’re called Belles Hells. Clearing the poison from these levels will free them from their situation. Some of the themes are particularly dark so just be prepared for some mature content, it’s not just teenage angst in Poison Control. Completing these areas means you get stickers, these stickers act as payment for a ticket into the Heavenly Realm. The main enemies are Klesha which inhabit the levels. Your character is able to shoot the Klesha but Poisonette is the only one who can clean up the poison and purge the area, so you do need to strategise a fair bit. Becoming Poisonette leaves you vulnerable to attack so Poison Control is somewhat a balancing act.

Poison Control has a fairly repetitive mechanic of shooting the Klesha whilst you clean up the poison. There are different weapons you can uncover as you progress whilst you’re also able to level up certain attributes through a novel way. There is something called a Heart to Heart with Poisonette and depending on your answers one of your attributes will level up like your health points. Poison Control effectively played the same from the first minute to the last, so if you enjoy the first 15 mins then you’ll enjoy the rest of Poison Control.

Graphically Poison Control is visually impressive throughout relying on good mash up of pink and purple worlds that mesh together perfectly. Even the menu is a sight to behold and Poison Control is definitely a game you won’t forget quickly. Dialogue and musically Poison Control excels as well with an intriguing mix exciting upbeat tones.

Poison Control is a fun game most of the time, it suffers from something primarily that a lot of shooters suffer from and that’s the repetitive nature of shooting constantly. The story and dialogue of Poison Control is really interesting and involving. You won’t quite find a game like Poison Control because visually it’s quite stunning whilst the mature content will make you want more.


+ Fantastic graphics
+ Fun story
+ Engaging characters
- Repetitive shooting and cleaning up mechanic
- Can be a little unpolished at times
(Reviewed on PS4, also available on Switch)

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