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Review: Knight Squad 2


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Fighting in an arena as entertainment has been around since the time of the Romans, and probably earlier. The thrill of the fight, the jeering for blood, and the ecstasy when declared the winner, are all a rush. Knight Squad 2 aims to replicate this with its multi-mode, all-out fighting action.

Developed and published by Chainawesome Games, this single and multiplayer title has you competing against up to seven other players in short, sharp events of varying styles. A sequel to the well-received 2015 game Knight Squad, Knight Squad 2 aims to build on its success with new modes, and a more polished finish.

Send in your army of souls.

Knight Squad 2 will make you hate your friends.

There are few games that make close family and friends, hate each other while playing. The competitive edge takes over, and the red mist descends. Monopoly is one title, and Knight Squad 2 is another. A brutally competitive game that rewards; aggression, quick thinking, and a tactical approach. The best gamers will prey on the weak, and will earn their victories however they can.

With many modes available, I will not bore you by going through each one. You’ll be offered the chance to play solo, duos or in a squad. Each of these is self-explanatory, but as you team up, the competitiveness increases, and the arguments are never ending. It’s a fantastic experience for a small group of friends to play either locally, or in an online lobby.

Its main positive is also its biggest problem. 

When a game’s main positive is its gameplay when playing with mates, then it’s going to have huge implications for gamers with smaller friendship group. A lot of the fun comes from annihilating your pals and mocking them relentlessly. Sadly, this is removed when playing strangers as the lobbies have no VOIP, and you have no relationship with the people you are playing against. The action quickly becomes shallow, and dare I say it, dull. 

Saying that, the game modes are still entertaining against bots and strangers online. But it doesn’t hold your attention the same way as battling against friends, does. It’s a real shame, as it has such potential to be a great title. But with no one to virtually high-five upon victory, or jeer at when they’ve had their a*5e handed to them, it quickly loses its appeal.

Victory tastes good.

Fun, fast-paced and varied action.

While the game piques your interest, you’ll experience a wonderful mix of quick events that are; frantic, fast-paced, and vary from match to match. Your knight starts out with a basic sword and nothing more, and if he’s hit, he dies. Depending on the game mode you are playing, this could be the end, or you’ll simply lose all your progress and respawn. Power-ups that upgrade your weapons and defences are strewn around each stage; bigger swords, bows, shields, mines, drills, horses, and more. These all improve your knight and improve your chances of victory.

Everyone will have their strategy to win, and this makes each battle unique. I loved the challenge that this created, and whether you were; painting the floors, capturing the flag, being the last to survive, or playing soccer (football for us Brits), no game was ever the same.

Knight Squad 2 has a polished finish and is easy on the eye. 

When I first saw the sequel released, I was concerned that it would be difficult to follow the fast-paced action. Happily, I was wrong! The bird’s-eye perspective, vivid colours, and detailed characters make playing this super easy. Everything is moving at a million miles per hour, yet the gameplay never suffers. It really was great to play and it’s easy on the eye. I also enjoyed the amount of arenas that were available for selection. The labyrinthine zones have a unique look and style. This was a clever decision by the developers, as it added layers of challenge and reduced repetition.

The audio was good, but never really amazed me. I liked its aggressive and upbeat tempo that contained a medieval twist. I also admired the clever and amusing use of sound effects that accompanied every action. But sadly, it felt predictable and I would have liked to see a more unique approach being used.

Don’t let anyone survive.

It’s amazing how easy it is to play.

I played the original, but it was so long ago that I struggle to remember much about it. I was pleasantly surprised when I jumped into my first battle just how easy it was to play. Knights are sprinting around, arrows are flying and explosions boom left, right, and centre. Yet, it’s a piece of cake to play. You need no tutorial, and though you may need to work on your tactics, you’ll be able to compete and enjoy yourself from the first match.

The aforementioned issues that require friends are the driving force behind Knight Squad 2’s longevity. There is plenty to do, ample game modes, and a full and challenging achievement list. So Chainawesome has pushed the boat out with its content. However, this may not be enough to keep you playing. I wanted a sense of community, and without your friends around, this is sadly lacking.

Knight Squad 2 offers lots, but it will not be for everyone.

With its large amount of content, many game modes, a variety of arenas, and fun gameplay, Knight Squad 2 offers lots to its player base. Yet, even with this amount of content, it won’t be for everyone. If you have a large friendship group that is willing to play, you’ll have a great time. Solo gamers playing with strangers will have fun, but the experience will not be as fulfilling. It has more positives than negatives, so I’m recommending you buy it here! Knights are born winners, put on your armour, grab a sword, and prove you were born to be a knight.


Knight Squad 2 is a wonderfully competitive arena fighting game. Many game modes and lots of content allow you to have a unique experience every time. Enjoyable in short bursts as a solo player, but much better with friends. Grab your closest mates prepare to annihilate them, and prove you're the strongest.

+ Detailed graphics with no performance issues.
+ A well designed audio, but predictable.
+ Very easy to play.
+ Lots of content.
- The gameplay feels shallows when playing without friends.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC and Nintendo Switch.)
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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Knight Squad 2 is a wonderfully competitive arena fighting game. Many game modes and lots of content allow you to have a unique experience every time. Enjoyable in short bursts as a solo player, but much better with friends. Grab your closest mates prepare to annihilate them, and prove you're the strongest.<br/> <br/> + Detailed graphics with no performance issues.<br/> + A well designed audio, but predictable.<br/> + Very easy to play.<br/> + Lots of content.<br/> - The gameplay feels shallows when playing without friends.<br/> <br/> (Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC and Nintendo Switch.)<br/>Review: Knight Squad 2