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Review: Persona 5 Strikers


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Ah the Persona series is one of those where if you have ever experienced any of the series then you’ve surely lost hundreds of hours to it. Generally a combination of role play and turn based action the various versions of Persona have delighted fans for many years. This time round Persona 5 Strikers is a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and and the original Persona 5, it’s actually based about 6 months after the events of Persona 5.

The general plot of Persona 5 Strikers revolves around the Phantom Thieves (Persona 5 Strikers is a game where it will benefit you to have played the original Persona 5) getting back together to go on a camping trip. As can be expected things do not quite go to plan and you end up finding yourself in a mysterious situation that needs investigating. The mystery involves an alternative version of Tokyo and peoples desires manifesting in chaos causing issues across the world.

Persona 5 Strikers main protagonist is Joker who is able to wield multiple different “personas”, these personas come from enemy drops or beating bosses located in dungeons. The personas can be fused together to create new ones to help you on your way. You can form a team of up to four members which always has to include Joker. In the real world you can only control Joker whilst in the dungeon areas you can control any of the team members. If you’ve ever played Persona games then the dungeons mechanic won’t be new to you. You either hide or battle in the dungeons until you reach a point where you have to leave which is when the dungeon alert hits 100%.

Persona 5 Strikers uses the Dynasty Warriors real-time combat. If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game then you’ll be aware how those fights end up. There is a lot happening on screen during these fight sequences, literally hundreds of enemies can appear on screen and you have to smash through them to reach your goals. When using your Persona’s you will use the traditional choosing a command sequence though.

Now the issue with Dynasty Warriors games is that they are an acquired taste, some may enjoy the constant button bashing and stringing of multiple combos but others kind find it very repetitive and this is the case with Persona 5 Strikers to an extent. What benefits Persona 5 Strikers is that the elements it lifts from Persona 5 still work really well whether that’s the story and characterisation. As you progress in Persona 5 Strikers you’ll enter new cities which each have their own look and allow you to explore them which adds to the fun.

Graphically Persona 5 Strikers looks lovely like most Persona games do. During the fight sequences sometimes you may not fully appreciated the environments you are battling in because there are so many enemies on screen. The enemies are quite varied in look and the bosses come across particularly menacing. Musically Persona 5 Strikers isn’t quite as polished as Persona 5’s score but still does a fine job of setting the mood appropriately. In terms of length Persona 5 Strikers will probably take you about 50 or so hours to do everything including side quests. Some of those side quests unfortunately follow the classic repetitiveness of backtracking over previous areas.

Persona 5 Strikers is a well developed title which brings the original Persona 5 story into another chapter with a few issues. If you’re a fan of Persona games then Persona 5 Strikers is right up your street however the Dynasty Warriors battle mechanics and slow beginning means you’ll have to see past some of its shortcomings to fully appreciate it.


+ Clever Persona 5 spin off
+ Fun story
+ Engaging characters
- Repetitive Dynasty Warriors style mega battles
- Can be a little unpolished at times
(Reviewed on PS4, also available on PC & Switch)
Christopher McNally
Christopher McNally
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Review: Persona 5 Strikers+ Clever Persona 5 spin off </BR> + Fun story </BR> + Engaging characters </BR> - Repetitive Dynasty Warriors style mega battles</BR> - Can be a little unpolished at times</BR> (Reviewed on PS4, also available on PC & Switch)