GamingReview: Mega Party: A Tootuff Adventure

Review: Mega Party: A Tootuff Adventure


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Mega Party: A Tootuff Adventure is a charming series of minigames for you, and potentially a few friends to enjoy. With over 40 levels across three chapters, there is plenty of mayhem to keep you entertained. Causing havoc in the neighbourhood by completing tasks, Tootfuff and friends fill up their stupidity meter. There is more than enough to keep you and your pals entertained for hours. 

In terms of controls, things are simple so anyone can pick them up. Involving a lot of button mashing, I’d argue this game to be fun for all the family. The tasks featured in minigames come in a variety of forms, such as defacing posters or ringing doorbells before running. No matter what you do, your core task is just to disrupt the day to day lives of townsfolk. Tootuff features a small open-world aspect, where you have to interact with NPC’s to progress. In addition to wreaking havoc in the streets you also get to cause chaos in school.

Campaign contradictions

Of course the campaign can be completed solo. But the game features a two player option or even local multiplayer madness. There are two game modes for local multiplayer, Duel of Death and Mega Duels. Both of which support up to four players, and can easily be praised as one of the highlights of this game. Duel of Death is a tournament style selection of minigames, where players compete to become champion. Mega Duels however allows you to select which minigames to compete in. 

Despite the campaign being engaging upon first playthrough, it isn’t necessarily something you would pick up again. You can replay different sections of the story through different game modes, but as a whole it wasn’t that compelling. The story seems lacklustre in terms of narration and story – but there’s enough to keep you busy at first. I’d definitely recommend finding a few friends to play with since that would make it significantly more entertaining. 

Complete customisation

Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities for customisation in Mega Party: A Tootuff Adventure. From the beginning of the game you are able to create your own character, rather than just playing as Tootuff himself. You also have a rival to face off with at regular intervals in the campaign. These all add layers to your experience with Tootuff, all whilst revelling in an abundance amount of toilet humour. To younger kids, these jokes may seem too ‘childish’, but I definitely let out a laugh or two. 

Final thoughts

As a whole, the game isn’t visually outstanding, and there isn’t much to say for it. But as far as local multiplayer comedic games go – this certainly takes the biscuit. It’s not something I’d necessarily pick up on my own, but with friends this easily becomes a hilarious gaming experience. In competitions to see who can be champion of the idiots, there is no shame. It’s enjoyable and accessible for everyone, and for that factor alone I would definitely recommend Mega Party: A Tootuff Adventure.


The day before school started back, Tootuff heard that it was possible to clone sheep by selecting the very best specimens. Terrified about the idea of being infinitely duplicated, Tootuff shares his concerns with his friends.
Fortunately, Hugo always has a solution. If only the best are destined to be cloned, you just have to be as naughty as possible to avoid being chosen.
Tootuff and his friends embark on a race to get up to as much crazy mischief as possible to avoid being cloned.

+ More than enough content
+ Enjoyable local multiplayer
+ Boderline comedic content
- Campaign is lacklustre
- Hard to engage with solo
(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
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