Gaming Review: Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Review: Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


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To anyone who has experienced playing a farming sim before – Friends of Mineral Town will glisten with familiarity. Taking each day at your own pace, hours pass after mining, planting and tending to all your farmyard friends. Right from the start you are greeted with a wonderfully relaxed and comforting game. 

The world is your oyster

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a beautifully soft game. With a pastel colour palette and repetitive soundtrack you will no doubt lose yourself. Much like other popular farming sims, such as Stardew Valley, the world is essentially yours to explore at your own pace. There are few objectives to complete (all entirely optional) and as seasons pass you get to experience Mineral Town bloom.

Simple but wonderful

For such a simple objective, the game does not lack in content. With a whole town of NPCs to meet and gain friendships with, and a whole farmyard – there isn’t ever a quiet moment. You have to work hard in order to upgrade tools, and to make the money to upgrade things you need to raise animals or farm crops. All of which take time and patience. Festivals also take place throughout the year so even your farmer can enjoy a day off. 

From the moment you begin, you are ready to start your adventure. You are presented with two different playmodes – normal or simple. Normal will give you 500g and begins in the same way as the original game. You are presented with similar challenges and also learn about the backstory of your land. On the other hand, simple will get you started with a little extra gold and is easier when starting up. Things ship for more money, and villagers can be befriended with less hassle. Simple mode makes the game easier for new players and also skips the slower start up pace of a farming sim. 

An ode to old fans

For fans of any previous Harvest Moon titles, Friends of Mineral Town is like all the best bits rolled into one. Characters like Thomas will be so familiar they feel nostalgic, and 5pm shipping deadlines gleam with childhood memory. If you have no previous experience with the franchise, you can easily pick it up too. It is a game for everyone, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to enjoy it’s sweetness. 

Coffee cows and chibi critters

The controls are easy to pick up, and with tools already given to you at the beginning of the game you don’t have much to worry about. Seeds can be bought alongside a variety of animals to aid your farming journey. There’s even a cow which produces coffee milk, and I don’t know about you but this was a definite must have. You can name all your animals as well, which adds to how adorable this game is. If you’re like me, and are quick to get attached to anything you’ve named then I cannot recommend this enough. With a cute chibi art style, there is no doubt about the fact you will fall in love with these critters. 

If you are searching for an easy going, laid back game with no intense story and objective – then this is definitely for you. 

Final thoughts

Friends of Mineral Town is perfect for the switch. Controls are fluid and easy going, and tasks are simple so don’t need a huge screen to focus on. It is a perfect time consumer for both on the go or a rainy afternoon. I’ve already spent hours perfecting my farm, and I know for a fact I will continue to do so.


Story of Seasons, the beloved farming franchise, makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch. In a complete remake of the Game Boy Advance classic, Friends Of Mineral Town will let series fans revisit nostalgic locales and encounter familiar faces.
+ Nostalgic for any previous fans
+ Absolutely adorable from start to finish
+ Easy to play
- Soundtrack can become a little repetitive
- Cows are expensive but too cute to resist.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch but also available on Steam
Kara Phillips
Hi I'm Kara and I am forever spending my days diving into realities far from my own.


  1. I certainly would love to play this hearing how good it is. It’s definitely added to my ‘spend a whole week irl creating a pretend farm to reach real happiness’ game list! x


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