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Review: Eldrador Creatures


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It’s always fun to see toys or cartoons and their worlds get turned into games. Some popular titles include Micro Machines from many moons ago whilst in more recent years there have been Ben10 releases or titles concerning Paw Patrol. This time round Eldrador Creatures is the latest entry coming from toy origins. It’s not a name I recognise but the toy makers Schleich I do recognise after playing one of their tie-ins Bayala The Game last year, that was a reasonably interesting and fun experience so lets see what happens with Eldrador Creatures.

For those not in the know Eldrador Creatures backstory is that their are four worlds within Eldrador. The lava world has discovered a super weapon. This allows the leaders of the lava world to use the newly found evil power to rule the other jungle, stone and ice worlds. Only by removing the super weapon from the lava inhabitants can the other manage to save their own worlds. The weapon is stuck in lava rock within the lava world is being protected by the red hot fire lion. So in Eldrador Creatures, lava is bad and everyone else is good.

Eldrador Creatures is a turn based strategy game in a similar vein as battling in the original Final Fantasy VII or Command & Conquer. You pick which world you want your characters from for example the Ice World, so you’ll start off with an ice related monster. The monsters are based on the toys made by Schleich so if you or your children have played with those then you’re likely to recognise a few of the combatants. You travel across the worlds by completing turn based battles. Your characters will take it in turns to move, fight and shield themselves, the enemy do the same. There are also smaller unlockable creatures who can be used once to aide your fight. At the end of each battle these smaller creatures are unwrapped from their packages ready to be used in the next battle. There is simple character progression as well because your soldiers in Eldrador Creatures can level up.

As you progress more actions come into play such as having to step buttons to open up other areas or knocking down obstacles in the way. Whilst there are 30 or so battles on your journey the difficulty level doesn’t increase too much because Eldrador Creatures is aimed at a younger market but that doesn’t detract from the challenge too much. Experienced players won’t get a great deal from Eldrador Creatures but for younger players Eldrador Creatures is a good starting point for them in this genre.

Graphically Eldrador Creatures has a reasonable range of varied creatures each with their own characteristics that stand out from the different environments. The different worlds are quite bright and bold but not particularly detailed, there are only so many rocks you can knock down before it gets a little on the repetitive side. Musically it pops along with battle ready tunes whilst the narrator sets the scene quite well. Once you’ve completed Eldrador Creatures you can go back and try to do it with the other worlds, they all play the same but there is some replay value there.

Eldrador Creatures is an entry level turn based strategy game that is perfect for fans or younger gamers who want to try out the genre. For more experienced players or players looking for some more depth or a deeper challenge they will struggle to find it in Eldrador Creatures. Eldrador Creatures just like Bayala The Game is a fun and engaging title aimed at the younger gamer.


+ Easy turn based game aimed at fans or younger gamers
+ Excellent representations of real world Eldrador Creatures
+ Very engaging narrative
- Environments are not that detailed
- Difficulty does not really increase as you progress
- Later levels use repetitive mechanics
Reviewed on PS4, also available on PC and Switch.

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