Gaming Review: Kill la Kill IF

Review: Kill la Kill IF


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Kill la Kill IF is what some would call a classic slasher action game. Despite some flaws, it stands out from the rest because of its unique anime art style, vibrant graphics and excellent Japanese voice-over work that makes you feel like you are in an anime series.

Just like an Anime

From first starting Kill la Kill IF I was first struck by how pretty the game looked and that’s saying something considering I played it on PS4. From the facial animation of the characters to the vibrant array of colours on screen. The game looks fantastic, successfully capturing a cartoon-like anime feel. The art direction is outstanding and brought back memories as a kid binge-watching anime series. Kill la Kill IF’s exceptional art direction can be found in in-game battle sequences, that require the player to fight particular enemies and in the game’s cutscenes. Everything in the game looks excellent and immerses you.

Furthermore, the soundtrack within the game is all appealing, further building on this immersion. The game plays out like a classic anime series in terms of story, although its gameplay is simple. Beat the enemy to progress the story.

A classic battle sequence

Fun but frustrating gameplay

The gameplay mechanics behind the story are fun with engaging combat, involving building up combos to defeat enemies using various attacks. Despite gameplay being fun, it’s not without its flaws. The controls are tough to master and a bit fiddly. It took me a while to learn individual combinations of attacks due to their complexity, and it was considerably frustrating. Likewise, the story despite being graphically outstanding. Is hard to follow. Although Kill la Kill IF has an impressive Japanese voice-over, there is no English one. Thus you have to rely on subtitles, which in effect made the story hard to follow—quickly making me lose track of what was happening. It would have been nice to have voice-over work in English as well.

One of Kill la Kill IF’s many cutscenes

Despite this, the game makes up for the confusion with various game modes such as Versus modes that make players come back. It offers a lot of content that any anime lover will enjoy. If you like anime, you will enjoy this game. But if you are not so in love with this sub-genre of TV, it might lose you quickly, due to lacking features such an English voice over. Nevertheless, the game’s fun and worth a shot if you enjoy fast-paced action gameplay.


In short, Kill la Kill IF is a fun game that successfully captures the spirit of anime in a video game. Through its beautiful art style, graphics and soundtrack. Despite complicated controls and game mechanics, and lack of an English voice-over which may lose some players. Kill la Kill IF will appeal to various gamers due to its fun gameplay and replayability.


+Excellent graphics and art style
+Fun combat gameplay
+Great replayability
+Japanese voice over
-Frustrating controls and gameplay mechanics
-Story is confusing
-Lack of English voice over

(Reviewed on PS4 also available on Nintendo Switch and PC)
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