Gaming Review: Tracks The Train Set Game

Review: Tracks The Train Set Game


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Tracks-The Train Set Game is a charming game with excellent content. The main game’s premise is to build train track sets to transport your trains to complete various modes.

Tram-endous content

From the onset of the game, you can play various game modes across multiple of the game’s environments. Game modes include Free play and passenger game modes with the former involving a sandbox-style mode. This particular game mode allows you to create your very own custom train set. Enabling the player to choose with considerable freedom, where they want to place tracks and what sceneries they want to play their very own custom playsets. The free play mode also allows you to customise your sets environment with a range of props, for example, trees, mountains, houses and even people. This game mode stands out as one of the highlights of the game. The customisation and free play capability levels granted to the player are superb. Although the developers could have added train customisation.

Free play at its best

On the contrary, although the latter game mode (The passenger mode) isn’t as great. It does offer a decent experience. It requires the player to place tracks in such a way to pick up passengers to transport them to designated areas such as a train station. Although not a bad experience. It is as described and offers very little else in terms of gameplay.

Both game modes take place across different environments, from a bedroom to a living room. These environments look great, offering graphical polish. The game’s soundtrack is also pleasant with a mix of relaxing tunes, suiting the game well. These, combined with relatively easy controls, make the game a delight to play.

Running out of steam

Unfortunately, even though the game’s content is excellent, there is not enough of it. There are no more than the two-game modes and several environments to pick from within the base game. It will cost you for more content with the game offering different environments through DLC packs to purchase more environments. Thus, the game gets let down by the limited amount of content available within its base game without having to pay for it. Therefore, offering limited replayability once you have exhausted the free play modes. It’s a shame that such a limited amount of content is available within the game as its content is excellent. Well suited for train and toy enthusiasts. 


All in all, Tracks: The Train Set Game is a great little toy train simulator and is sure to appeal to train and toy enthusiasts alike, with its excellent free play mode, charming graphics, soundtrack and gameplay in general. Despite this, its let down by the limited amount of content available for it, limiting its replayability.


+Charming soundtrack
+Polished graphics and gameplay
+Great free play mode
-Limited content available

(Reviewed on Xbox Series S, also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and other Xbox One consoles)
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