Gaming Review: Crowdy Farm Puzzle

Review: Crowdy Farm Puzzle


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Crowdy Farm Puzzle is a delightful 5-in-1 puzzle game which can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

First impressions

At first glance, Crowdy Farm Puzzle comes across as one of those games you wouldn’t really give a second glance. But upon picking this game up you find yourself spending hours leading animals home and helping out where you can. With five different puzzles to try, this game engages your brain in ways you don’t expect it to. Before you know it, you’re 45 minutes in to guiding a whole corral of livestock through a field. 

The five available puzzles come with 30 different levels which vary in difficulty. You can go from sorting animals into likewise columns, or coloring the fields by walking them across. Either way, there is something to please everyone in Crowdy Farm Puzzle. Each game mode is fun and easy to understand. The puzzles are enjoyable and stray from becoming repetitive since different animals are incorporated before you have a whole farmyard on your hands. 

Easy to enjoy

There is no storyline for you to understand in order to enjoy the game and it stands alone with just it’s puzzles. To many, this makes a game dull, but if you need to pass the time with some lighthearted brain teasers this is the game for you. It’s easy to pick up and you can just begin from where you left off without any intense backstory to shadow the game. There’s no pressure, you can just enjoy playing without worry. The lack of time constraint and no lives to lose also plays into this feature. 

Repetitive nature

However, after a while, the soundtrack does get repetitive.There are no sound effects when moving through the game which would be an effective attribute when enhancing the farmyard scenes. My switch remained on mute for the majority of the time I played, since the same song repeated for the whole puzzle. However, I played alongside little to no background noise though since all 150 available puzzles required full brain power. 

Price vs promise

Although the game is engaging, I feel like the price tag is a little steep for the content itself. Despite there being 5 different puzzles and 150 levels, with no story there isn’t a lot to keep you engaged. With puzzle games like Candy Crush still relevant and available for free on mobile devices, Crowdy Farm Puzzle faces the competition of large titles with little price. It’s enjoyable, sure, but for £5.49 ($5.99) it becomes questionable. 

Final thoughts

I’d definitely recommend this game if you’re looking for something to pass the time with, but it’s no nail-biter.  Crowdy Farm Puzzle definitely achieves the brain-teaser label. I enjoyed the variety of levels, but with no storyline to keep you occupied this game risks being easily forgotten. It’s not something I see myself picking up in the future after finishing every level. 


The Crowdy Farm needs your smart head! As farm manager you will have to solve many brain-teasers to bring order to this place. Sort, organize and match. Plan, fit in and deduce in five different puzzle types! Cover grass fields with colors, set animals in matching rows, and learn the work of shepherd dog. But be precise: your thinking needs accuracy, if you want to meet the challenge!
+ Variety between puzzles
+ Fun for everyone
- Repetitive nature and soundtrack
- Steep pricetag for little content
(Reviewed on Switch)
Kara Phillips
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