Gaming Review: Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller

Review: Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller


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So far everything about Cyberpunk 2077 has my attention, from the marketing and trailers, to the social media promotions and the incredible Cyberpunk 2077 Guided Gameplay preview that was shown at EGX 2019. Not to mention the very fact that he has the “Breathtaking” Keanu Reeves playing the role of Johnny Silverhand. Well, how best to honour that character than by giving him his very own unique Xbox One Wireless Controller

The moment I saw this controller I know I needed it in my collection for when I play Cyberpunk 2077 when it releases in September and in fact I actually had planned to do a double hitter Birthday treat for myself by picking up the controller and the game together. However, this controller is in limited numbers and I noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to track down so when a notification popped up at my local ARGOS to say that it was back in stock but in limited numbers….well… brainer really!

Straight away I love the packaging design for the controller with the box matching the vibrant colours of the Cyberpunk 2077 marketing so far, both front and back keeping the branding on point making the reveal of the actual controller when you cut that sealing tape and open the box even more special.

This is one spectacular looking controller and as I have said before, the team over at Xbox Seattle just make the finest to retail custom consoles and controllers for any platform right now. Just the colours alone make this controller pop as the left side is Silver with Red bumper and trigger buttons whilst the right side is black but with the face buttons black with red to offset the classic black bumper and trigger buttons.

What makes this controller design more delightful are the decals on the controller with the left Silver side bearing the Arasaka Corporation logo, a world-wide mega-corporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing who as dodgy as they are powerful. Both thumbsticks have the rubberised grip as does the back of the controller to help maintain hand grip in the sweatiest of shoot-outs, races and firefights you may have playing on Xbox and Cyberpunk 2077 especially. I love how both colour schemes elegantly meet with a style that feel like its machinery spliced to an organic controller.

The right side has the iconic ‘NO FUTURE’ literally scratched into the controller and when your fingers feel the scratch as it does the joint as each side connects. Having that tactile feeling is what makes this controller standout as the same technique that was used on the GEARS 5 Custom Console and Controller. It adds an extra layer to what is already a visually delicious controller design and I really do love the distressed style to it with visible scratches and paint tearing

The battery cover has the SAMURAI gang emblem on it for that finishing touch when you turn the controller around and something that at first made it shout YES outloud but quickly discovered it was just standard for this controller, was seeing what I first believed was a Limited Edition Number saying *2077 but of course, each controller has this alongside a QR code that when scanned….well I won’t spoil that.

As with all Xbox Controllers, two AA Batteries are also included so you can use this controller right out the box as well the usual warranty information and a handy 14 Day Trial code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate….and this is where I am a little disappointed in that I do feel these trial codes never help the person purchasing it as at this point, who does not have a current subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate really and these trial codes only work on new accounts. Personally I feel a one month code should be included, especially in custom consoles, to allow a person to extend their XGPU subscription but that is more of a personal peeve than a complaint against this controller. There is also no in game reward or item code with this controller which is a shame, even if it included something like a cosmetic item to make you stand out in the game itself as you will if you are playing the game using this controller.

I really love this controller and how it looks and feels and glad I was able to get one before stock ran out, believe me this was not an easy controller to track down online here in London. This will now wait until I have Cyberpunk 2077 in my Xbox One X to play come September and I genuinely wish I could afford the custom console as well but for now, this controller will look great whilst playing the game and in my collection.

Cyberpunk 2077 releases on September 17th 2020 for Xbox One, enhanced for Xbox One X and with the new ‘Smart Delivery’ for the soon to be released next generation Xbox Series X console, all you have to do is buy Cyberpunk 2077 ONCE and when you come to owning the Series X, it will automatically update it to the Series X version….FOR FREE!!!

Sean McCarthy
Freelance writer but also a Gamer, Gooner, Jedi, Whovian, Spartan, Son of Batman, Assassin and Legend. Can be found playing on PS4 and Xbox One Twitter @CockneyCharmer


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